How-to: Make a mason jar salad

Mason jar salads are pretty and handy

By Mora Greens

You likely have salad bowls and salad plates, but did you know you also likely have salad jars? The salad jar craze hit Pinterest a few years ago, but it has stuck and even evolved into breakfast jars and complete meals in a jar. The reason this fad became a trend and now a kitchen staple is convenience — convenient to store, eat and to carry. There is no reason not to take a healthy salad to work anymore.

PRO TIP: Make sure you follow the layering instructions to keep ingredients crisp.

Dump the following layers into a bowl and toss it when ready to eat:

Layer 5: Pack on the protein. Add grilled chicken, tofu, chickpeas or your favorite protein source to provide a satisfying and filling element to your salad jar.

Layer 4: Lettuce & greens. Add a base of fresh, crisp lettuce or your preferred leafy greens to create a bed for the rest of the ingredients

Layer 3: Absorbent veggies. Include vegetables that can absorb flavors and dressing, like cucumbers, bell peppers or grated carrots.

Layer 2:Non-absorbent veggies. Add veggies that maintain their crunch and texture like sliced radishes, jicama or diced celery.

Layer 1:Dress it up. Start off your salad jar by pouring your favorite dressing into the bottom layer. This allows the dressing to stay separate from the other ingredients until you’re ready to enjoy the salad. 

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