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How-to: Organize your pantry

Perfectly pleasing pantries 

You can rival The Home Edit ladies

The Home Edit is an organizing brand started by two ladies in Nashville on Instagram where they have over six million followers. The passion their audience has for organizing is so strong that The Home Edit has a Netflix series, books, products and a partnership with the Container Store. There is no better place to start organizing than in the pantry, which is not as easy as it sounds. The perfect pantry requires planning to make sure the shelves are just the right distance apart and deep enough for your little-used appliances.

Kitchen turntables 

Upgrade your pantry with Lazy Susan turntables, perfect to store items like jarred sauces, canned goods or oils on higher shelves to keep items from getting lost in the back.

Hand Drawn Oil on lazy susan


Use woven, fabric or plastic baskets to store those items that can’t stand by themselves and to help create a more uniform look. Perfect for bagged snacks, grains and packaged goods.

Hand drawn chips in basket with label

Airtight food containers 

Containers are great for keeping food fresh, avoiding contamination and optimizing pantry space. Keep your grains, cereals and baking ingredients stored in multi-functional sealed containers.

pasta in air tight container

Make the most of the pantry space with this pro tip: 

Follow the 80/20 rule

You don’t want to be more than 80 percent full. You want to leave that 20 percent extra room. The same thing for your space. You don’t want to be stuffed to 100 percent, which means there’s no room for adding anything else.

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