How to Set Your Table Place Setting

How to set your table like a pro

From everyday to special day

We usually know where to place the knife, spoon and fork, but it’s easy to get confused when there are three forks and four glasses. It’s even tricky to remember whether the bread plate goes on the left or right. One trick for that is “BMW” which is Bread, Meal, Water when reading left to right: the bread plate goes on the left, meal in the middle and water on the right. If that trick isn’t enough, we hope these setting schematics will help. 


When setting a basic table, all you need are the essentials: a dinner plate, a dinner fork, a dinner knife, a spoon, a beverage glass and a napkin. 

Pro Tip: Make sure the dinner knife’s blade is always  facing towards the plate, not your neighbor.

Basic Place Setting


When setting for an informal table, upgrade by just adding a few more utensils: a salad fork, soup spoon and wine glass.

Pro Tip: Elevate your napkin by adding a napkin ring. These can be used to hold name tags or other decorative add-ons.

Informal Place Setting


Don’t be intimidated to take your setting to the next level by adding a few more dishes. A salad plate, white wine glass, red wine glass, bread plate & knife, dessert fork & spoon, charger plate, place card and cup & saucer is all you will need.

Pro Tip: Charger plates are multifaceted. Their main function is to help retain the heat of the meals from the dinner plate, but they are most popular for their aesthetic addition to the table as a whole.

Formal Place Setting

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