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Images of the Lowcountry

Meet the winners from our photography contest.

In search of the best images from around the Lowcountry, LOCAL Life partnered with Outside for the inaugural “Images of the Lowcountry” photography contest. Photographers were asked to submit their very best #ImagesoftheLowcountry for a chance to win $250 in Outside store credit and publication in LOCAL Life. Photos were judged by local pros Lisa Staff and Marge Agin.

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Judges’ Choice, Professional

Trish Cosentino

Image: I Spy

Description: Can you see me? Captured in my backyard in Moss Creek.

About the photographer:

Lives in Moss Creek
Got serious about photography in 2012
Became a full-time resident in 2016
Operates Trish Cosentino Photography

Here are four of Trish’s favorite photos:

“Living on the marsh and witnessing the tidal and seasonal changes is fascinating. As a photographer, I am often chasing the light and attempting to catch the colors and light angles as they cross over and illuminate the marsh grasses and sky.”  — Trish Cosentino

Judges’ Choice, Amateur

Cyndi Hess

Image: Stargazer

Description: This great blue heron was right outside my back door in the lagoon. It’s as if it was sitting for a portrait. That’s one of the awesome blessings about living in the Lowcountry. There’s always a photo opportunity! (Hess wins $250 Outside Hilton Head store credit for use in the store or on an adventure).

About the photographer:

Lives in the Overlook at Battery Creek in Beaufort.
Mostly self taught. She bought a camera nine years ago.
A full-time oncology nurse with dreams of starting a photography business.
Specializes in nature photography. Birds are her favorite subject.
“I love being outside and taking photos of creation.”
Inspired by Lowcountry photographer Kelley Luikey.

Here are two of Cyndi’s favorite photos:

Readers’ Choice, Professional

Toni Baird

Image: Lowcountry Tranquility

Description: View of the iconic Harbour Town Lighthouse from Daufuskie Island.
It doesn’t get more Lowcountry than this!

About the photographer:
Lives at Haig Point on Daufuskie Island
Moved here from Charlotte in 2017
Mostly shoots landscapes and outdoor portraits
Operates Toni Regene Photography

Here is another one of Toni’s favorite photos:

Snowy Egret Fishing: Followed this beautiful egret up and down the shores of Daufuskie as he was hunting for fish.

Readers’ Choice, Amateur

Cade Kriscunas

Image: Reflections at Sunset

Description: Serenity on Point Comfort Creek. This photo was taken by 14-year-old Cade Kriscunas, who simply enjoys photography. He took it with an iPhone.
Many times he uses filters, but he did not on this one.


See all entries below. If you’ve taken a great local photograph, we would love to see it! Email a high-res image and details to [email protected].


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(Click the images to view larger)