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Style: In bloom

Style your summer wardrobe with floral prints

Photography by Lisa Staff

Since 2013, floral patterns have been hitting runways big nearly every year, and it seems as though inspiration from these colorful plants isn’t going anywhere any time soon. Warmer weather is the perfect time to break out these vibrant and decorative pieces. Inspired by the natural beauty of flowers such as soft, pastel roses or bold and bright wisteria, LOCAL Life stylist Roxanne Gilleland worked with local shops and boutiques to bring these blooming styles to life.

Much like this maxi dress, Orange Lilies represent confidence and pride. Don’t shy away from this striking color this season.

The whimsical essence of Wisteria is similar to that of the whimsical wardrobe of a child.

Ivy – a simple vine with the biggest aesthetic appeal. This spring, pair your simple pieces with something alluring and eye-catching.

Pink Roses symbolize grace, admiration, and joy. This flower-packed dress is sure to do just the same.

The bold and bright blue of Bluebonnets is unmatched in any other flower. Go bold this spring with mixed patterns and colors.

Bird of Paradise is full of color and merriment, just like this tropical-inspired two-piece set.

Orchids come in many different colors, but white tends to stand out the most for its beauty. When mixing colors this spring, white is always a good grounding color.

Daisies – a happy flower that inspires a happy mood. Why not carry it around with you on your clothes and accessories?

Hydrangeas can sometimes bloom multiple colors in one single plant. Similar to the blouse, nothing is quite as captivating as pastel blues, pinks, and purples.