Powder Room with Flair

Inspiration Board: Bathroom brilliance

This Ribaut Island powder room artfully melds traditional charm with contemporary flair.

Within Hilton Head Plantation in the serene Ribaut Island community lies a powder bathroom that defines Lowcountry elegance. Adorning its walls is floral wallpaper, seamlessly merging classic motifs with modern shades. This backdrop is accentuated by tactile three-dimensional art pieces and a sleek, minimalist arched mirror. Every element, from the cohesive bath accessories to the meticulously arranged lighting and the refined vanity, reaffirms the belief that true luxury comes in the attention to detail. Interior designer Taylor Stone of Group 3 Designs shares details on the accessories that were selected for the project —all of which can be found at Pyramids Hilton Head.

1. Patterned panache

Powder bathrooms are the perfect spot to introduce wallpaper to express your personality. This particular floral pattern emphasized the traditional-leaning style of the clients with a more modernized color pallet.

2. Dimensional drama 

With a busy background such as this wallpaper, opt for artwork that is three-dimensional to show depth but with plenty of negative space to give the eye a break.

3. Woody wonder 

Accent your space with paneling and architectural detail at the vanity wall.

4. Reflective resonance

A simplistic arched mirror was the perfect option for this half bath. Choosing a finish that complements the other metallic tones in the room really creates a cohesive look.

5. Durability meets dazzle 

Investing in your bathroom vanity is always recommended. Aside from the durability that comes with superior craftsmanship, the look and feel of quality pieces adds sophistication and aesthetic appeal to the overall design, leaving a lasting impression.

6. Personal touch 

If your space allows, add a fun, personal touch. A potted plant, sculpture or even a simple candle enhance any room.

7. Luminous layers 

Cross illumination is the most flattering when it comes to lighting. Having several layers of lights on dimmers allows you to customize the output and achieve the desired look.

8. Finishing flourish 

Bath accessories are the much-needed final touches in a powder bath. Having a coordinating soap pump, tissue box and waste basket really elevate the look.

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