Inspiration Board: Impress your guests

A vacation rental expert shares tips for outfitting an ideal gathering space. 

Creating the perfect living and gathering space involves meticulous planning and a discerning eye for selecting furniture and accessories. Beverly Serral, founder and creator of the BESTNEST by Beverly Serral Vacation Rentals Concept, provides invaluable insights into the elements that transform this opulent and trendy living room in Sea Pines into a cozy, welcoming and practical hub for socializing.

Photography by Matt Garbade

“We’re all about complete comfort, guest convenience and quality furnishing and outfitting. When families and friends vacation, they enjoy spaces where they can gather as a group and talk, watch television, scroll and read — and sometimes all at once!” — Beverly Serral

1. Elegant organization 

A large dish or bowl is a great place for guest necessities to live — eyeglasses, tablets or a great beach book can all be corralled and not lost.

 2. Protective elegance

Always have a coaster ready anywhere a drink might be set.

 3. Beauty beyond  the cover

Beautiful books that are not only lovely to look at, but also to look through, can provide both respite and inspiration.

4. Illuminating perfection 

Good lighting is essential, and make sure that the correct (often 3-way) bulbs are installed in all lamps for optimum light-level selection

5. Uncomplicated comfort

It seems simple, but always provide comfortable seating with extra pillows. We like swivel chairs and a sofa with a single seating cushion, plus additional “perches” that can also be used as ottomans.

6. Wireless harmony 

A Bluetooth sound speaker that is easily connected to the guest’s own phone or playlist is essential.  We like a good, medium-sized unit that can be moved around. Or use several, and connect them for whole-house sound.

7. Heartfelt touches 

We always sprinkle a few hearts around our houses. It never hurts to spread the love!

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