Inspiration board: Sleep in elegance

Make your nights more peaceful and your mornings brighter with these luxurious touches.

Your bedroom should be a sanctuary of comfort and elegance, a place where you can relax and feel truly at home. At Marsh on the May, a boutique in Bluffton, you’ll find a curated selection of luxurious materials and accessories perfect for transforming your bedroom into a haven of beauty. Find inspiration to elevate your bedroom by diving into these exquisitely designed items, selected by owner Leslie Trenta.

Emerald dreams

Revel in the richness of the deep sage green shade that feels both serene and opulent. Crafted with organic cotton, this Dasati organic duvet by John Robshaw promotes a healthy sleep environment while looking elegant. The intricate print reflects a blend of contemporary style with traditional finesse.

Velvety whispers

A true embodiment of luxury, this velvet moss quilt by John Robshaw boasts of soft, tactile velvet that feels divine against the skin. Masterfully hand-quilted by Indian artisans, the channel quilting technique adds a unique texture and depth.

Green enchantment

With an environmentally conscious approach, the linen used for this fringed, sage kidney pillow by John Robshaw was upcycled. Its unique shape and design make it a standout accessory for any bed or couch.

Illuminated artistry

Break away from the mundane with this Piper White Gesso Table Lamp with Natural Rattan Shade. A delicate whitewash accentuates the intrinsic warmth and texture of the wood. The lamp’s sleek silhouette is elegantly paired with a handwoven wicker shade, evoking a serene tropical ambiance.

A touch of Paris

Drawing inspiration from antique garments, this French-knot, dark sage throw by John Robshaw adds a touch of vintage charm. Fashioned from lightweight, closely woven cotton, it promises comfort with a dash of style. Playful tassels on the edges add a fun, whimsical touch, perfect for cozy evenings.

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