Inspiration board: The magic of Trufig

Make unnecessary light switches and outlets fade away

On-wall devices such as light switches and power outlets are so commonplace that it is almost impossible to imagine them not being there. While these devices are needed, and in some cases required by local electrical codes, they are an unnecessary eyesore. With cleverly engineered products from Trufig, wall devices can be made to fade into the wall surface, perfectly flush and painted to match the wall material. This system can be used with typical wall surfaces such as Sheetrock and wood paneling, as well as more design-centric materials such as stone, tile and plaster. Magnetic face plates allow the devices to be flush with the wall surface while remaining accessible and useful. In spaces where power outlets are unneeded yet required by code, options are available for flush magnetic covers that conceal the outlet, letting it disappear while complying with electrical codes. Sean Stewart of Custom Audio Video shares a few of the system’s most sought-after applications.

Special devices

Trufig can be used for more than just light switches and power outlets. Any wall device from television plates to audio control and lighting control keypads can be given a look that is more visually integrated with the surrounding wall space.

Kitchen backsplash

By far the most sought-after application for the Trufig system is in kitchen backsplashes where custom tiles or luxury marble often are marred by the number of power outlets needed. With some attention to detail and planning, the Trufig system can camouflage these necessary blemishes.

Custom woodwork

Often devices are needed in spaces such as studies and home offices where custom cabinetry may be a central feature of the room design. Trufig products designed into such a plan can keep the focus where it needs to be, on the aesthetic design and craftsmanship, not the wall devices.

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