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Ideas for Customizing your countertops & other hard surfaces

GlassEco manufactures recycled glass countertops and other hard surfaces that can be completely customized to complement your space or reflect your personal style. We’re highlighting some unique uses of the eco-friendly product that is made locally to inspire your home designs. For more inspiration visit

GlassEco Surfaces are a beautiful selection for countertops, or consider a handcrafted backsplash like the one above to introduce a colorful palette in your kitchen or home bar. Pick colors from a vast collection of locally sourced glass. You can even match fabrics as seen in the custom tabletop design below.

Elevate your furry friend’s dining experience with a clever use of space like in this kitchen design. There are many ways to get creative with GlassEco Surfaces on smaller scales, including gift items like trivets and lazy susans.

Coastal palettes can easily be achieved with a GlassEco recycled glass surface. Add oyster shells to your custom mix as seen above for a distinctive Lowcountry look.

A shower curb handcrafted by GlassEco is a great way to connect your shower design to a custom vanity top. Other bathroom applications like shower walls, ledges and bathtub surrounds are popular with homeowners.


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