It’s easy being green

2022 Color Of The Year exudes peace, tranquility

Story By Bailey Gilliam

From Sherwin-Williams’ subtle “Evergreen Fog” to Benjamin Moore’s botanical “October Mist,” major coating companies have chosen similar shades of sage to be their “it” color of the new year. 

PPG chose a lush “Olive Sprig,” Behr is showcasing a minty “Breezeway,” and Glidden is hawking a healthy “Guacamole.”

In a post-pandemic world, consumers are clamoring for calm, and many paint purveyors have responded by producing this harmony of hues. Green is a soothing color historically associated with nature, growth, renewal and balance, and the commercial market has uniformly recognized the collective need for tranquility and optimism.

If the rooms in your home are in need of a fresh start, be it new paint or simple decorative touches, check out this LOCAL Life room-by-room guide on how to go green in 2022.

For the kitchen 

Food for thought. Benjamin Moore’s “October Mist” provides a strong foundation with its neutral silver-green palette described as “harmonious yet diverse, reliable yet whimsical, and meditative yet eclectic.” Let this chipper color help your culinary talents blossom and inspire healthy cuisine in the new year. 

Green thumb. An enticing herb garden will add spice to your kitchen by incorporating more greens, flavor, zest and taste.

For the bedroom

Dream in color. PPG’s “Olive Sprig” is a soft, organic shade reminiscent of the soothing aloe vera plant and the luxurious velvet of sage leaves. Let its relaxed undertones create a safe space for where you slumber.

Sweet greens. Freshen up your bedroom with new curtains, comforter and pillows, brass accents and wood tones, and add more green by way of potted plants and trees to bring even more positivity into your sanctuary.

For the dining room

Green light. Designed with historically east-facing breakfast rooms in mind, Farrow & Ball’s “Breakfast Room Green” invites bright sunlight and soft candlelight into this versatile space.

Eat your greens. Add more dashes of color with green dishes or napkins for a posh vibe, and make guests green with envy with stunning centerpieces made with green plants and flowers.

For the living room

Brush with greatness. “Evergreen Fog” is Sherwin-Williams’ statement shade of the season, and its green-meets-gray chroma offers a hint of blue. It’s a color that complements organic textiles with its restorative and modern complexion.

With flying colors. Throw some green throw pillows, blankets and artwork into the mix, or look for luxury with a stylish mid-century modern green velvet couch.

For the foyer 

Eye for color. Behr’s sea-glass green “Breezeway” provides a welcoming atmosphere for your entryway. This breath of fresh air envelopes you in a state of both relaxation and rejuvenation.

Picture this. For your main hallway adorn your walls with some framed hand-pressed flowers and leaves for a pop of color, and add some candles for a touch of warmth.

For the bathroom

Color my world. Glidden says its spirited green “Guacamole” brings organic energy to any space. Its crisp and clean coloration also emits a refreshing and soothing feel.

True colors. Try adding a green accent mirror, switch your boring white towels for green ones, and introduce some bathroom-friendly plants such as ferns, aloe vera, snake plants or bamboo to invigorate your lavatory.

For the laundry room

Grass is greener. Dutch Boy’s “Cypress Garden’s” muted green brings comfort and the illusion of calm to this often cluttered space. Dutch Boy suggests incorporating lively lilacs and contrasting greens to evoke a transformative, dream-like quality. 

Go green. Start a sustainable new habit by ditching the plastic detergent bottles and pouring its contents into uniform green glass bottles and jars. For future cleaning purchases, opt for bulk refills you can store in your decorative bottles to reduce plastic waste.

For the office 

Color outside the lines. Better Homes & Gardens released its first-ever color of the year, and it’s a dusty green shade called “Laurel Leaf” (available only at Walmart). It inspires focus and concentration and is enhanced by organic and natural accents.

Off color. Make space for a Zen garden on your desk to transform your office into an inspirational oasis with vibrant green energy.

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