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It’s the perfect home for weekend getaways

Letter to the Editor

LOCAL Life asked Brian Kinard to share his thoughts on what it means to be local. Kinard is a Realtor with Lighthouse Realty and serves as treasurer of The Outside Foundation. LOCAL Life welcomes letters to the editor and comments on our website. Write to [email protected].

By Brian Kinard

Brian Kinard is a Realtor with Lighthouse Realty and serves as treasurer of The Outside Foundation. He is shown with his wife, Mollie Lynes-Kinard, and their children, Clementine and Cash. Follow their outdoor adventures through “Cruising with the Kinards” on social media.

Twenty three years ago, I needed a new adventure. I sold my horse, Timex, traded my boots, spurs and rodeos for flip flops, sunblock and a summer job as a mate on a parasail boat in Duck Key, Florida. Never had I called anywhere but Pasadena, Texas, home. I never thought I would be gone from Texas long enough to call anywhere else home. However, an instant love of being on the water quickly had me calling the Keys my full-time home. 

The connections and community I would make in my first few years in the Keys would morph that summer job on a parasail boat into nearly 15 adventure-filled years spent working as captain, deck officer and crew on everything from tour boats to private yachts, oil tankers and tugboats.      

However, a few summers running parasail boats and one winter driving a Hilton Head taxi changed it all. I fell in love with the Lowcountry, the community and a local girl.

Fast forward a few years — that local girl, Mollie Lynes-Kinard, and I would find ourselves newly married and much in love with each other but very bored with living and working office jobs in Houston. 

So we decided it was time for a new adventure. We felt Hilton Head would be the perfect place to create a home for our future family. We wanted to immerse ourselves into a community that values the environment and the people that live there.

After our daughter, Clementine, was born, Mollie and I were once again looking for a new adventure and way to share our love of traveling with her. So we dove headfirst into the internet and social media and found families traveling all over the country with their kids in RVs of all shapes and sizes. We thought it looked like fun, so we bought a 28-foot travel trailer.  

Over two years later, along with the addition of our son, Cash, we have found Hilton Head to be the perfect home base for exploring the most beautiful natural resources in South Carolina, Georgia and Florida. State parks such as Edisto Beach, Mistletoe, Hunting Island, Crooked River, Okefenokee and many more are nestled on the banks of lakes, oceans and rivers, and many are within a four-hour drive — perfect for a weekend getaway with the kids to explore the outdoors and learn about different environments. 

While we feel lucky to have these family adventures with our kids, it’s always returning home to Hilton Head that makes us feel the luckiest. It’s a place where I may not have been born, but I call home.