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July featured garden

It’s All Carol’s Fault (or my husband should be canonized).

Photography by Maddie Terry

Editor’s Note: Seven of the top gardens in the Lowcountry were showcased as part of the 2019 All Saints Garden Tour. LOCAL Life is featuring each garden through images captured by photographer Maddie Terry. First up is the garden of Tru Dee and Michael Bamberg.

These specimen gardens demonstrate the wonderful variety of flora and fauna that live and thrive on Hilton Head Island. With more than 150 different plants at last count, it is difficult to find room for new and exciting introductions, but Carol Guedalia, who orders all the plants for The Greenery Garden Center, continues to challenge these Hilton Head Plantation homeowners. For those who missed it, here’s a peek.

 2019 All Saints Garden Tour
Purple bee balm
2019 All Saints Garden Tour
Non-invasive Mexican petunia
2019 All Saints Garden Tour
Birch tree underplanted with radican gardenias and columbine flowers
2019 All Saints Garden Tour
Blue agapanthus
2019 All Saints Garden Tour
Variegated rose of Sharon, Blue Daze and Petite Pinkie spicy jatropha
2019 All Saints Garden Tour
Peach tree
2019 All Saints Garden Tour
Pink mandevilla, dipladenia and canna lilies

The magnificent seven

1. July: It’s All Carol’s Fault (Tru Dee and Michael Bamberg)

2. August: Marsh Reflections (Karen and Dr. Barry Bittman)

3. September: Native Plants Garden (Waddell Mariculture Center)

4. October: The Outback Oasis (Lisa and Colin Swatton)

5. November: A Garden That Brings Home Full Circle (Peggy Parker)

6. December: Restore and Renew (Mark and Renee Woodruff)

7. January: A Work in Progress (Tom and Candi Hough)