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June Fashion

Photography by Lisa Staff  + Styled by Bailey Gilliam

Street style

Lori Trimble

Marketing manager, Hilton Head Regional Health Care 

Lori Trimble, Hilton Head - LOCAL Life Fashion Shoot
Available at Evelyn & Arthur

What are you wearing? Evelyn & Arthur

How would you describe your style? Casual chic. I wear a lot of casual dresses in the summer, but I’m still a heel girl!

What’s your favorite travel destination? Tuscany and Rome, Italy

What’s your ultimate bucket list travel spot? The Azores

Street style

John Trimble

Local business owner

John Trimble, Hilton Head Island - LOCAL Life Fashion Shoot
Available at John Bayley Clothier

What are you wearing? John Bayley Clothier

How would you describe your style? Casual golf. I wear a lot of Peter Millar and play a lot of golf. 

What’s your favorite travel destination? Europe

What’s your ultimate bucket list travel spot? New Zealand

Stylist – Family flight

Travel in style, no matter your age. Check out these jet-setting looks from local stores and boutiques.

jet-setting looks

Fashion news

Vuori jumpsuits

Jump for joy

Palmetto Running Company is now carrying two new Vuori jumpsuits. Who has time to pick out an outfit? The Lux Jogger Jumpsuit has a flattering V-neck, easy jogger bottom and built-in bra, all in an ultra-soft performance stretch knit. Weekends, travel days and low-key brunches are the perfect opportunities for the Pose Henley jumpsuit. 

Marsh Hens - Spartina 449

New collection: Marsh Hens

Spartina 449’s latest collection of sports apparel features breathable Peruvian cotton in a mix of florals, geos and solids. The styles come in vibrant and neutral colors, with limited wrinkling, made for Lowcountry days. Mix and match polos and tanks with sporty skorts, and accessorize with Spartina’s coordinating golf, tennis and pickleball accessories.

Southern Tide Hilton Head - New Dresses

New dress in stock

Flow like the tides in this tiered, floral short-sleeved dress. Decorative stitching on the V-neck and smocked sleeves add visual interest to this vivid all-over print. Fashioned from 100 percent cotton, this flowy 38-inch dress also includes side seam pockets. Available now at Southern Tide

Outside Hilton Head water style

Make beach-going easy

CoDiscover all the ways you can rock some serious on-the-water style at Outside Hilton Head. With these brand new swim trunks, footwear and sun protection, they are a one-stop-shop for the perfect beach day. 

Guide – Ready, set, travel

As temperatures climb and outdoor activities beckon, it’s time to gear up for summer vacation adventures. Whether you’re jet-setting to Europe or going on a spontaneous road trip down Route 66, ensuring your packing list is well-equipped is essential. Here are a few of our favorite packing tips.

Luggage and suitcase packing for vacation on white wooden background in studio

1. Roll clothes and pack them first

This one may be a bit obvious, but in addition to rolling clothes to save space and prevent wrinkles, packing your clothes first is key. Packing cubes also help keep outfits organized. While you may be tempted to pack shoes in the bottom, it’s easier to fit them in the odd spaces on top. To combat dirt, place them in shoe bags, or at least turn them upside down.

Woman hands putting clothes to suitcase, bag organizer

2. Choose your shoes wisely

When it comes to packing like a pro, start from the ground up. Since shoes are the bulkiest part of luggage, it’s important to choose them wisely. Pick out your favorite and most versatile pairs. Use the inside of solid shoes for extra storage. Nude-colored sandals or heels, sneakers and flip-flops are the most flexible shoes.

Pulling the stretchy cardigan

3. Choose travel-friendly fabrics

When traveling, choose knits and stretchy fabrics. Woven fabrics like linen, cotton or twill are more prone to wrinkles. Even if your knits get wrinkles, simply hanging them will typically eliminate the suitcase wrinkles. A steamy bathroom helps.

An open suitcase with packing organizers. Packing for vacation.

4. Avoid under-packing

Yes, that’s right. We all know not to over pack, but it’s just as important not to under pack. Leaving extra space for souvenirs causes items to shift, crumpling or breaking them. If you must pack less, fill empty spaces with foldable bags (for those souvenirs) or dry cleaner bags. 

Making check list of things to pack for travel. Woman writing paper take note and packing suitcase to vacation writing paper list sitting on room, prepare clothes into luggage, Travel vacation travel

5. Make a packing list by activity

An easy way to make packing a little less daunting is to break up your list into occasions. Write out all the activities you must pack for (beach, shopping, bike ride, dinner). Once you have a better idea of what you will be doing, you can take that into account when deciding which outfits to bring. And of course, check the weather.

Stack of beige tones clothes on the wooden table in the woman hands. The order in a wardrobe, basic or capsule.

6. Mix and match

Pack items with similar colors and styles to mix and match so that you’ll get the maximum number of outfits out of versatile styles that you can wear in different ways. Keep this in mind when you want to bring that top that only goes with one bottom in your suitcase.

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