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Local restaurants and mixologists share details and recipes for their most prized creations.

Liqueur, also known as cordial, is a moderately strong alcoholic ingredient that is reasonably strong and slightly sweet. A good mixed drink contains a balanced combination of sweet, sour and strong flavors. Liqueurs are often used in place of or alongside simple syrup as the sweet element in a drink. And while a liqueur can be the primary cocktail ingredient, many traditional cocktails use liqueurs for additional sweetness and flavor. Here are some recipes where local restaurants embrace the flavors of liqueurs. 

Aperol SpritzThe Golf Club at Indigo Run 

Aperol Spritz




Club soda 

Directions [1] Fill a wine glass with ice. [2] Add equal parts Aperol and prosecco. [3] Top with a splash of club soda and an orange wedge.

“The Aperol Spritz is a classic cocktail perfect for our members coming off the golf course, tennis courts or paired with a bite prepared by our award-winning chef.” — The Golf Club at Indigo Run

Lulu Sippy CupLulu Kitchen 

Lulu Sippy Cup


1 1/2 ounces Averna amaro

1/2 ounce Cocchi vermouth 

3/4 ounce ginger syrup

1/4 ounce fresh lime juice

2 ounces club soda

Directions [1] Fill a shaker with ice, add amaro, vermouth, ginger syrup and lime juice, top and shake well. [2] Pour over two ice cubes into a collins glass. Add club soda. [3] Garnish with an orange twist, orange and a mint sprig. 

“The Lulu Sippy Cup is as unique and refreshing as Lulu itself.” — Scott Hastings, Lulu Kitchen

Hilton Head Iced TeaFrankie Bones 

Hilton Head Iced Tea


1 1/2 ounces House-Infused Hilton Head Tea Spirits Blend

2 ounces sour mix

Splash Coca-Cola

Directions [1] Make the Hilton Head Tea Spirits Blend: Mix equal parts vodka, white rum, gin and Blanco tequila infused with fresh peaches and mangos and let rest for several days to let the flavors fully fuse. [2] Fill a pint glass with ice, add the liquor infusion and sour mix, pour into a large shaker and shake. [3] Pour back into the pint glass and top with Coca-Cola. [4] Garnish with a lemon wedge. 

“A classic cocktail with a twist. We took the iconic Long Island iced tea and put a Frankie Bones flavor to it; we blend the spirits together and infuse the blend with fresh peaches and mangos, adding our tropical flare to a traditional cocktail. Classic, yet unique- just like Frankie Bones itself.” — Frankie Bones

Sunset MartiniReilley’s Grill & Bar 

Sunset Martini


1 1/2 ounces raspberry liqueur 

Splash of orange juice

Splash of pineapple juice 

Splash of lemonade

1/2 ounce grenadine 

Directions Stir ingredients together and pour into a martini glass. 

“What’s better than the perfect sunset on the number one island in the United States? A perfect Sunset Martini made by the award-winning bartenders at Reilley’s Grill and Bar, serving steaks, seafood, sports and cocktails since 1982.” — Reilley’s Grill & Bar


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