Local interior designers share floral decor ideas and advice

Decorating with blooms

Story By Jordan Matthis

Decorating with flowers is a wonderful way to add color, texture and natural beauty to any space. Whether you prefer a rustic or modern look, there are flowers and arrangements that will suit your style. With many flowers now coming into bloom, we reached out to a few of our favorite interior designers with questions for decorating a home with flowers. With the right blooms, vases and placement, you can create a beautiful and welcoming environment in your home.

Q: If you had to design a space with artificial or real flowers, how would you incorporate them within your interior design?

“I love using a floral arrangement when I need to fill a void on a table. They’re very versatile and can provide height in a room with vast ceilings or a pop of color in a primarily monochromatic space.” — Taylor Robinson, Group3/Pyramids

Bouquet of Fresh Spring Flowers on a Console at Modern Classsic Foyer with Mirror Background.

“The interior dictates the flowers. If the palette is soft blues, don’t match the colors. Add punch with a complementary color — a stronger shade to attract attention. A vibrant space keeps the eye interested.” — Nancy Schmitz, N A Schmitz Interior Design Group

Jar with flowers and bowl with sweets on a table in a room

“In the foyer, welcome guests into your home with a vase of fresh flowers from your garden or from the local farmers market. This simple step adds color and a sweet aroma that will not go unnoticed. If you select faux florals, invest in a high-quality brand that looks and feels authentic. Compensate for the lack of scent by pairing your faux elements with a natural soy candle or essential oil diffuser.” — Nicole Edwards, J. Banks Design Group

Renovated foyer with a lamp and flower sitting on a wooden console table looking towards a stairwell with wrought iron railings.

Q. What is the best way to select flowers and vases for the home when utilizing them within decor?

“I find investing in a vase that complements your space with or without florals makes for an easy transition between seasons.” — Taylor Robinson, Group3/Pyramids

Vase with beautiful eustoma flowers on table in modern room interior, space for text

“When selecting flowers and vases, consider the scale of the vessel and what will be inside. An oversized vase with large stems of cut greenery can make a huge impact on a kitchen island. If you are unsure, it’s always better to go larger to achieve a luxurious look. Also think about what is special to you and fits your lifestyle. A series of small bud vases with a few clippings from your own landscaping is a fun way to involve your children or grandchildren and show off the treasures they collect for you. Or, use that special heirloom vase with sentimental value instead of keeping it tucked away in a cabinet.” — Nicole Edwards, J. Banks Design Group

“I often use glassware or pitchers, especially for small arrangements in baths and on nightstands. For outdoor arrangements on patios and porches, I love using buckets or baskets, in which you can hide a plastic mixing bowl.” — Beverly Serral, BESTNEST by Beverly Serral 

“Look within your home to see what containers you could possibly use. It could be a ginger jar or an interesting bowl. It could be a pitcher that goes with your everyday china set. Think of fun ways to dress up your space.” — Leslie Trenta, Marsh on the May

“Cluster multiple vases, each with a single variety of flowers to create an effortlessly chic look. Farmhouse casual to family heirlooms can all be an inspiration for floral containers.” — Nancy Schmitz, N A Schmitz Interior Design Group

Colorful blossoming azalea in small vases. Closeup of three flowers in different colors.

Q. What creative ways can readers use floral patterns to decorate their homes?

“One of my favorite ways to introduce floral patterns within the interior design of a home is through wallpaper. Floral wallpaper has truly evolved from the traditional designs of the past into new, fresh patterns with more appropriate scale and colors. Consider adding personality to a typically utilitarian space, such as a laundry room or scullery, where cabinets can help break up the pattern of the floral wallpaper but stay within the same color family. Or, for a timeless look, install floral wallpaper above wainscoting in a powder room layered with a vintage mirror and sconces.” — Nicole Edwards, J. Banks Design Group

Bathroom interior with floral wall paper and emerald green wall above the white wood wall panel. There is a pedestal sink with framed mirror on the left and snake plant on a woven pot on the right.

“There are so many ways to bring florals into your home — pillows on your sofa, window treatments, fabrics, wallpaper, even rugs. It just depends on what you’re doing in each space.” — Leslie Trenta, Marsh on the May

“Remember fabrics. Seasonal floral throw pillows, floral tabletop accessories and floral wallpaper in small baths, wine rooms and hallways.” — Nancy Schmitz, N A Schmitz Interior Design Group

Floral accents in bright living room interior in blue and white colors, real photo

Q. What floral decor tips would you give to our readers for spring in the Lowcountry?

“Use what you already have. Cut a few palm fronds or fern stems from your yard, and work them in with your florals. This gives a store-bought arrangement a little more weight and interest.” — Taylor Robinson, Group3/Pyramids

“Incredible nature surrounds us, so don’t feel pressured to spend tons of money on store-bought florals. Find elements in your own backyard, or make flower arrangements with a few friends using blooms from your garden beds. Things don’t have to be perfectly staged in order to bring the beauty of spring indoors.” — Nicole Edwards, J. Banks Design Group

A bouquet of gerbera and chamomile wildflowers in a pot on a white wooden table with a pallet.

“Forage while you’re outside walking around. Right now you’re going to see a lot of tulips and spring flowers. Use them to make your own floral arrangements with a personal touch.” — Leslie Trenta, Marsh on the May

A bouquet of fresh flowers in a glass vase.

“Cut flowers last longer in the coastal south. Be careful of pollen, as it can stain soft fabric and rugs.” — Nancy Schmitz, N A Schmitz Interior Design Group

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