Look Closer

This Stunning Palmetto Bluff home is a free-standing testament to doing the right thing.

By Barry Kaufman + Photos by Susan McCann

On its surface, the photos on these pages reflect the beauty of Jim and Michelle Strecansky‘s Palmetto Bluff home.

Designed by Meredith Dykes of Nix Flooring and Design, and meticulously installed by their highly skilled staff, each room’s flooring and materials offer a fresh visual delight. Like so many homes in Palmetto Bluff, it is a masterclass in tasteful décor and Lowcountry sophistication.

Take the grand gallery, for example. One of three in the home, its floor-to-ceiling windows revel in the scenic beauty outside the home, creating a grand corridor with unfettered views. But it’s the flooring that tells the true story.

“Like so many homes in Palmetto Bluff, it is a masterclass in tasteful décor and Lowcountry sophistication”

Set in large-format porcelain tiles, the floor makes one of the most dramatic statements in the home. As one of just 1,800 certified tile installers in the entire country, and one of just three between Savannah and Charleston, Kenny Nix is in a unique position to ensure such an undertaking is done correctly.

TAKE THE FLOOR • The materials found throughout the home, from French oak to marble, represent the pinnacle of flooring design.

And doing it correctly is how this home came together. You’ll see that in the bathrooms as well – each enjoys a slightly different look, but the quality runs throughout.

The Alyse Edwards tiles, the imported Schluter waterproofing, the marble flooring, the Carrera-
styled wall tiles: each represents the pinnacle of the art. Throughout the home, you’ll see French oak flooring that has been carefully brushed and sanded on site using true dustless sanding.

The point being, it’s not something you often see. Whereas you might just see a dazzling floor, what you’re really looking at is the immense pride the company takes in offering top-of-the-line materials and expertise. And what’s more, you’re seeing a wealth of knowledge that Nix is looking to share.

It may seem like an odd mission, but it is one that Nix has taken to heart. Through online videos, marketing and social media, you’ll find that in recent years Nix has begun to share his wealth of knowledge with anyone who would care to learn.

Meredith Dykes’ inspired designs create a fresh take on Lowcountry luxury in each of the home’s bathrooms.

And Nix isn’t just sharing how-to tips. He’s sharing in his passion. By his own admission, he found himself burnt out with flooring a decade ago, merely taking on jobs to pay bills and move on to the next one. Changing his entire philosophy on his industry and helping others become better at what they do reignited his passion. That extends from his work with other installers to his own employees.

“I wasn’t passionate ten years ago. I hated what I did. That shift is truly due to marketing and social media,” he said. “We’re creating a culture.“

Kenny Nix shares his design, planning and instillation knowledge through online videos, marketing and social media. Teaching fellow installers and others has reignited his passion for the industry.

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