Correct height to hang a picture on the wall

Make a statement without saying a word with art work

State of the art

Ask a designer about production art, and let the cringing begin. Images of pseudo-giclee and flimsy framed art, often hung out of scale and helter-skelter, immediately come to mind. Can’t there be a compromise? Yes! All art need not be original, bank-breaking pieces to be statement-making, thought-provoking, interesting and inspirational. The team at Beverly Serral Designs sometimes plans a room around art, and sometimes the art helps them bolster the design of the space. Great art works both ways. 

1. Pool your resources 

“Brigitte by the Pool” works in this resort home space with regard to color, scale and evocation of holiday. Playful and poised, she sits at the perfect angle.

Brigitte by the Pool - Art work

2. Amen to that

Word art is not taboo. Just make sure it is something special, like this prayer request, in custom, hand-sewn felt on burlap,
framed shadow-box style.

Word art is not taboo

3. Feather in your cap 

Place a pop of color against (or over) a neutral setting for maximum impact.

pop of color art work

4. Swim for it 

Art doesn’t have to mean still life. Motion and color meld here for a feeling of calm but leave a desire to jump in. 

Motion and color art work

5. Time to fly 

Art doesn’t have to be framed. Case in point—these metallic, Lucite dragonflies.

Wall art that isn't framed

6. Ruff day 

Photography doesn’t have to be serious or boring.

Correct height to hang a picture on the wall

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