Make the perfect sandwich in five steps

Sandwiches are the best things since, well, sliced bread. They make convenient and versatile meals that combine various ingredients and textures. Though most people simply slap any filling between two pieces of bread and call it a day, we want to rise to the occasion and make sandwiches worth drooling over. Here are five sandwich-making tips from the team at Sprout Momma. 

1. Always use fresh bread and ingredients to ensure the best quality. We highly recommend buying your bread from your local baker.

2. Make sure to properly balance flavors when building your sandwich. Creamy, crunchy and tangy are your friends.

3. Sandwiches are a great way to elevate leftovers. Take what you had for dinner the night before and create something new for lunch the next day.

4. Spice up your condiments with aromatics. Add fresh rosemary, minced garlic or lemon to any aioli or spread to step up your sandwich.

5. A sandwich always tastes better when it’s made by someone else! 

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