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Make your home a Dream Home

Find faucets that are both functional and aesthetically pleasing

Photos by Robert Peterson, Rustic White Photography

By now you know you didn’t win the HGTV Dream Home. Sigh. We didn’t either but we did borrow ideas to share with you. This month we have some inspiration that can help you design a sweeter en suite. Faucets are an unsung hero and are often an afterthought, but that shouldn’t be the case. Take a cue from the HGTV designers who combined form with function to make sure these rooms sparkle.

Sometimes subtle is good

In the HGTV Dream Home guest bath, we appreciate that the designer made the bold color and palm frond the heroes. The faucet is functional and works well with the light fixture and knobs, but it kind of disappears. Design is not always about what you see – in this case, it is about what you don’t see.
Get it: Delta Dryden Widespread Bathroom Faucet. $567

Hands free

We love the touch technology in this kitchen faucet. It looks gorgeous on the sleek island and will stay gorgeous without mucky prints and drip marks.
Get it: Delta Trinsic Spring Sprout Faucet. $776

Wash your pets

The flexible laundry room and mudroom features a pet washing station with this handy four-setting, two-in-one faucet mounted to the wall. The built-in soap dispenser makes washing pets easier.
Get it: Delta H2Okinetic In2ition Two-in-One Shower. $430

Go for the gold

There is something glamorous about gold, and it pairs well with so many colors. In the HGTV Dream Home master en suite, gold fixtures add a vintage feel against the black and white tiles.
Get it: Delta Champagne Bronze Trinsic Faucet. $395