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Make your home a Dream Home

Looking up: Make your ceilings spectacular

It was fun while it lasted. Each month we took a peek inside the HGTV Dream Home and shared ideas you could use in your home. Alas, the Dream Home is listed for sale so we will bid adieu to this inspiring home in Windmill Harbour with this last look inside. Inspiration can be found anywhere, including the once-boring ceiling. Try these borrowed tips to freshen up your humble abode.

Haint ain’t just for porches

The HGTV Dream Home kitchen and great room feature a glossy haint blue ceiling that is subtle in contrast to the dominant navy colors but screams Southern. Some of our favorite shades of haint include:

• Rainwashed (Sherwin Williams 6211)
• Palladian Blue (Benjamin Moore HC-144)
• Pool Blue (Sherwin Williams 6944)
• Atmospheric (Sherwin Williams 6505)

Use a high gloss paint to add a shine.

Captivating closets

The myth that small rooms can’t be painted dark colors has been shattered with this cozy yet stylish closet. The teal walls and ceiling are the perfect contrast to the white organizer and trim. You’ll notice that the ceiling looks a shade or two darker than the walls. Some designers suggest choosing a darker ceiling color to provide contrast to the crown molding, as it does here, or to make the space feel more cozy.

Think about the items you will put in your closet. If your clothes are dark colors, you may want to choose a lighter wall color for contrast.

When in doubt

Sometimes it can be difficult to know when to switch the paint color, especially when you come to a bulkhead or nook and cranny. Where should one color stop and typical white start? The HGTV Dream Home guest room suggests you don’t need to worry about painting everything one color. Using a dark color can be a tricky DIY project as it can be difficult to spread the pigment evenly, which means you need a good eye and tools. When choosing paint for a dark wall, it is not the time to be frugal, as it will show. You will be disappointed the minute you are done painting and see uneven color or the first time you wipe off a mark and the paint color wipes off with it.

When using a darker wall color, make sure you offset it with a lighter color, like the light dresser and floor seen here.