Make your television disappear with the click of a button

Into thin air


Hiding a television is a goal worth pursuing when amazing interior design crosses paths with large television screens. Throughout the years, many solutions to hide televisions have been developed, but none so elegant as the mirror and frame solutions from Reflectel, installed locally by Custom Audio Video. 

It is great to see a television when it is on, but making it disappear when not in use is a magic trick Reflectel achieves through the use of specialized mirrors. With proprietary, high-quality mirror glass, a television picture can be seen when the TV is on and fade back to a reflective mirror when the TV is off. When combined with custom frames, these amazing installations can become a seamless part of the interior designer’s vision. With the flick of a button, just like magic, now you see and now you don’t.

With varying levels of reflectivity and TV light transmission, the proprietary glass options from Reflectel can match the correct mirror glass to the right environment, be that a living room, master bath or bedroom.
Custom framing options range from traditional to modern, with a wide variety of natural woods, metals and other options such as gilded, leather and custom-matched paint colors. Finding the perfect frame for a room’s décor is well within reach.

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