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Making Waves

Art inspired by water around us (Forty Years Together by Stephen Harlan (Endangered Arts)

On World Water Day (March 22), we asked a few of our favorite local galleries to share their best water-related art. It is our great pleasure to present these works, created by some of the Lowcountry’s most talented artists. We hope you find them as stirring, thought-provoking and inspirational as we do.

Dove Beach by Jonathan Green (Red Piano Gallery)
Row Versus Wade by Karin Jurick (Red Piano Gallery)
Radiant by Anne Cordin (Camellia Art)
Catching the Morning Light by Rodel Gonzalez (Endangered Arts)
Thunderhead by Joseph Orr (Red Piano Gallery)
Skipping on the Sound by Mary Inabinett Mack (Red Piano Too)
Beaches and Water are in Your Future by Craig Ford (Camellia Art)
Marsh Woman by Jonathan Green (Red Piano Gallery)


Rainbow Reef by Julie Schroeder


Blue Sunrise

“A certain blue penetrates your soul.”
— Henri Matisse

Dawn lights the blue scrim
of the sea, the liquid gold
of the sun seeping

through the depths, staining
the intensity of blue.
Seahorses tango

in their morning dance
amid corals striped in pink,
lime, chartreuse and gold.

— Jessica Goody