March Fashion

March Fashion

Photography by Lisa Staff  + Styled by Bailey Gilliam

Street style

Dyan Croteau

Dress Available at Evelyn & Arthur
Available at Evelyn & Arthur

What are you doing? Picking up a bottle of wine from Red Fish. 

What are you wearing? I am wearing Evelyn & Arthur. It’s flowy and comfortable.

Favorite wine: Pinot wine because it’s a smooth red that pairs well with most things.

Brian Thomas 

Available at Southern Tide
Available at Southern Tide

What are you doing? Enjoying a glass of white at Red Fish.

What are you wearing? Southern Tide. Their pieces are comfortable and classic.

Favorite wine: It depends on the time of year, but in the wintertime. I am a huge Petite Verdo fan. In the summer I love a light Pinot or a Sav Blanc.


Informally formal

Living by the beach doesn’t confine us to casual wear alone – embrace the elegance required for galas and charity events with attire sourced from our local stores and boutiques. Make entrances at your formal occasions with selections that promise to make a statement.

Informally formal attire

Fashion news

Your favorite running shoes also make pants

Palmetto Running Company now carries On-Cloud Men’s Active Pants. They combine a clean look you can wear to the office with the on-the-move comfort you crave off the clock. The men’s On Active pants are cut from a high-stretch performance fabric meant for going places.

Palmetto Running Company now carries On-Cloud Men’s Active Pants.
Palmetto Running Company now carries On-Cloud Men’s Active Pants.

Exclusive release at Eyeland Optique

Step into Eyeland Optique to explore Leaf, a selection from Limited Editions designed to capture the beauty of sunlight filtering through foliage. Crafted in solid gold and adorned with a 0.086-carat, marquise-cut top Wesselton diamond on each temple, these eyewear pieces mean luxury and craftsmanship. With only 50 available, secure your pair today and own a piece of exclusivity.

Leaf, a selection from Limited Editions designed to capture the beauty of sunlight filtering through foliage

Cozy up with Kyte Baby at Island Child 

Check out the new sleep sack swaddler by Kyte Baby. Add these butter-soft sleep bag swaddlers to your list if you or someone you know has a little one in their life. The soft color options match the luscious fabric too. See it and feel it for yourself.

sleep sack swaddler by Kyte Baby.


Elevate your elegance

Enhance your ensemble with pieces from Heritage Jewelers that promise to emphasize your unique style.


Discover your wine personality

Discover the wine that perfectly complements your personality, and pair it with a matching outfit. Whether you have a penchant for a particular varietal or are still discovering your preferences, your favorite wine could be a reflection of your individuality and flair. What wine harmonizes with your persona? 

Sparkling wine

Sparkling wine

Champagne aficionados are the life of every party, radiating joy and optimism with every pop of the cork. If sparkling wine is your go-to, you’re likely someone who seizes every moment to celebrate, embodying a zest for life that’s contagious.

Get the look: The Back Door

Red wine

Red wine

A preference for red wine suggests a laid-back, go-with-the-flow attitude. Red wine lovers are known for their adaptability and easy-going nature, preferring a classic that complements any occasion. If red is your pick, you’re likely unbothered by the small stuff, embracing life’s variety with open arms.

Get the look: Outside Hilton Head



Rosé is not just a drink; it’s a statement of being effortlessly chic and vibrant. Lovers of this pretty pink wine embody a blend of sweetness and wit, with a flair for flirting and an infectious sense of humor. If Rosé is your choice, you’re likely to charm your way through life, balancing grace with playful sarcasm.

Get the look: Spartina 449

White wine

White wine

Choosing white wine signifies a leadership quality, with a boldness to take the lead in any situation. White wine enthusiasts are seen as the alphas of their circles, captivating attention with their presence and steering the ship at social gatherings. Your choice of white wine says you’re confident and in control.

Get the look: Palmettoes

Port wine

Port wine

Port wine is for the bold and the beautiful, the passionate and the confident. If port is your wine of choice, you exude elegance and assurance, with a penchant for the finer things in life. Your choice reflects a deep-seated passion and a stylish flair that turns heads.

Get the look: Maggie & Me

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