May Market Style

May Fashion

Photography by Lisa Staff  + Styled by Bailey Gilliam

Street style

Madeline Tucker

Seed to Spoons, personal chef/caterer 

Farmers Market Style Dress from Spartina 449
Spartina 449

What are you wearing? Spartina 449. I love the cut of this dress.

How would you describe your style? Lots of patterns and bright colors. 

What produce do you feel is underrated? Passionfruit. It has beautiful flowers, the fruit is sweet and tangy and smells amazing. It’s super expensive at the grocery store, but they grow wild around the island. They are great as a pop of color and something unique on charcuterie and fruit boards.

Blake Wearren

Delisheeyo, owner

Farmers Market Mens Style from Palmettoes

What are you wearing? I am wearing Palmettoes. They have a wide range of clothes, from classic to cool.

How would you describe your style? Kentucky at the beach.

What produce do you feel is underrated? Fresh ginger root. I love its versatility. It’s the secret ingredient in many of my soup recipes, and just a splash of the juice can take almost any drink to another level. Not to mention, it kills inflammation (and hangovers).


Market day

Embrace the vibrance of a market day in May. Elevate your shopping experience at the farmers market with these handpicked ensembles from nearby stores and boutiques. Discover a fusion of style and practicality as you browse through fresh produce and artisanal goods.

Farmers Market Style

Fashion news

Ipanema sandals at Island Child

Ipanema sandals at Island Child

Brighten your daughter’s summer with Ipanema’s floral sandals, now available at Island Child. These waterproof, eco-friendly sandals are adorned with a charming flower accent, making them a quintessential addition to any young girl’s summer ensemble.

Find your flex at John Bayley Clothier

Find your flex at John Bayley Clothier

John Bayley Clothier now carries Brax pants like these Chuck Hi-Flex Trousers. These modern-fit, 5-pocket pants stand for premium fabrics, tailor-made fits and perfect style. Brax perfectly combines classic, modern and elegant for an easy, comfortable, cool wardrobe.

Nic + Zoe dress in stock at The Back Door

Nic + Zoe dress in stock at The Back Door

Some hotels come with a 50-foot loquat tree in the lobby that drops fruit in your lap as you check in. Others are lined with hand-painted murals depicting the city’s escapades of years past in a bright fauvism wonder. And rumor has it, there’s a boutique hotel in Berlin with a bar in the basement filled with bats. But this hotel here didn’t appear to be anything special — that was until a patron spotted you by the piano in a dress that could calm a cobra. That dress is available at The Back Door.

Haris Cotton debuts 
at Maggie & Me

Haris Cotton debuts at Maggie & Me

Haris Cotton, known for its commitment to sustainability and elegance, introduces its new line at Maggie & Me. Originating from Greece, this collection focuses on linen resort wear, capturing the essence of contemporary elegance with its simple yet sophisticated designs, inspired by the Mediterranean landscape and the timeless Greek ideals.


It’s in the bag

Elevate your shopping experience this season with chic bags designed to complement any farmers market or outdoor excursion. Discover a curated selection of market-ready bags sourced from nearby stores and boutiques, blending style with practicality for your every outing.

Black and beige stripped purse Available at Southern Tide
Available at Southern Tide
Coral bright summer purse Available at Spartina 449
Available at Spartina 449
Blue purse Available at Evelyn & Arthur
Available at Evelyn & Arthur
Pink Beach Bag Available at Island Child
Available at Island Child
Sporty Bag Available at Outside Hilton Head
Available at Outside Hilton Head
Beige Tote Bag Available at The Back Door
Available at The Back Door

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