Official Mensa® Challenge – November 2022

Are you ready for Mensa?

American Mensa is where brilliance belongs – it’s where friendships are forged for life, business connections and opportunities are made, and where brilliant minds find the chance to engage with others in an intellectually stimulating environment.

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1. What number is one-half of one-tenth of one-fourth of 1,600?


2. Choose the correct letter from each clue in the rhyme below. When put in order, the four letters will spell the answer to the riddle.

My first is in bright but not in light.

My second in light but not in right.

My third is in up but not in at.

My last is in eat but not in hat.

My whole a color you will find.

Keep that idea clear in mind.

__ __ __ __


3. Three basket weavers can weave six baskets in two days. At the same rate, how many basket weavers will it take to weave 21 baskets in three weeks?


4. Find a word that fits the definition at the left and, when anagrammed, fits the definition at the right.

Part of the neck _______   _______ Piece of a window

Basement _______   _______ Visitor

Be thrifty _______   _______ A container


5. To best of our knowledge, only one other word can be made from all of the letters in the word COLONIALIST. Can you figure out what it is?


  1. 20 (1,600 ÷ 4 = 400; 400 ÷ 10 = 40; 40 ÷ 2 = 20)
  2. BLUE
  3. 1 (Each weaver can weave 1 basket per day. Three weeks is 21 days.)
  4. nape, pane; cellar; caller, save, vase

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