Calming, rustic, lowcountry living room

Merge texture, color and spirit to create the perfect Lowcountry living room

Inspiration board: Coastal blend

Crafting the ideal room isn’t just about aesthetics — it’s a symphony of texture, color and spirit. In the realm of Lowcountry coastal design, it’s a delicate balance of calming hues, the rustic charm of reclaimed wood, earthy materials and layered design elements that echo the serenity of the environment. Each element is meticulously chosen to not only stand out on its own but to also harmonize and play off the others. Living in the Lowcountry isn’t merely a geographic choice; it’s a statement, a lifestyle. We sought inspiration from Heidi Schultz of Coastal Home, who expertly guided us on capturing the island spirit in a living room space, without the sandy residue.

Soft white couch with wooden frame

Sofa sanctuary 

Enhance the room’s texture with a bench cushion sofa. Marrying soft upholstery with a robust wooden frame, this piece is both cozy and grounding.

Luminous oceans 

Illuminate your space with a chandelier inspired by the intricate forms of coral. As much a piece of art as it is a light source, its unique design is sure to captivate.

Botanical bliss

Introduce a touch of serene energy with a canvas palm. It’s not just a plant; its a living sculpture that radiates tranquility and organic beauty.

Orb odyssey 

Introduce subtle splashes of color, pattern or texture with ceramic orbs. These color-stained decorative pieces can be strategically placed for maximum visual appeal.

Picture perfect 

This hand painted artwork beautifully captures the transition from dawn to dusk, using a blend of moody grays, whites and gold accents to create the perfect beachside abstract masterpiece.

Elegance underfoot 

Opt for a rug crafted from natural fibers. Its neutral tones bring warmth, while the smooth texture underfoot ensures comfort and durability.

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