Motor Yacht Makeover: Vanquish Yachts’ VQ48

Netherlands-based builder Vanquish Yachts has taken the luxury speed-boating market by storm with its high-end, high-performance motor yachts. The company has made over its lineup by blending the best features from its popular VQ43 and VQ50 models to create the VQ48, a first-of-its-kind, highly customizable motor yacht. Locals in the market for a luxury sports boat would be hard-pressed to find a better choice. The model prides itself on looking good and keeping passengers dry during high and low speeds, quiet and rough seas and strong or light winds. It offers superb steering, tremendous acceleration, immense agility and unrivaled seakeeping abilities.

Vanquish VQ48

Length: 49 feet
Beam: 15.1 feet
Draught: 2.9 feet
Speed: 40+ knots
Weight: 15.4 tons
Engines: 2×600 horsepower or 2×800 horsepower
Propulsion: Pod drives
MSRP: Starting at $1.5 million. Available through Vanquish USA.

Take a look around:

PERFORMANCE The standard version of the VQ48 is no slowcoach with a top speed in excess of 40 knots. Go for the Veloce version and you’ll leave most other boats in your wake as you speed along at 50-plus knots.
INNOVATIVE A submarine folding anchor system that conceals the chain and winch while at anchor is among the many unique features on the yacht. The oversized windscreen gives an overwhelming sense of security, a feeling not normally associated with high-performance boats.
SPACIOUS The Vanquish VQ48 offers plenty of space for parties. The standard configuration provides 19 sitting (or lying) places. There is also plenty of space to store toys under the seats. Other key features include two specially developed helm seats, a large lounge seat and a convertible top.

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