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Music and Art: A Harmonious Relationship

Music and visual art remain closely intertwined — music inspires art, art inspires music.

For our music issue, we asked a few of our favorite art galleries to hit the high notes on this creative, harmonious connection.

Extended Solo by Dan Graziano (Red Piano Gallery)
Solo In C Sharp by Dan Graziano (Red Piano Gallery)

My One and Only Love by Rino Gonzalez (Endangered Arts)



One Cabin Left by Zach Grether


During the Pandemic, I Ask Questions in the Dark

Are we angels with only one wing who can only fly embracing?

Or are we dandelions that can dance wholly or in pieces,

alone or with others, but not without the music of the wind?

Does the bright inner cinema of the mind come only from the gray

mush of the brain of trailing wonder from afar?

Are the track marks tiny sandpipers make haiku waiting to be read?

Are the cries of gulls riddles or answers?

When will the throngs return to the beaches

And flower sands and minds with colors?

Does the sea prefer the golden laughter of the sun

or the moon’s silver tears?  What will grow

from all the mulching of so many lost dreams and broken hearts?

What do mirrors think about in the dark?

Can any signal-jamming magic hunched in the heart

of this rainy night stop the message transmitting

from the red winking eye of the distant radio tower?

Are you lonely? Are you lonely?

Are you lonely tonight?

— Michael Bassett

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