NAD+ therapy is not a one-hit wonder

Did the booster boost?

Story by Laurie Wells


Last month I reported surprising results after my first NAD+ therapy at Restore Hyper Wellness on Hilton Head, and I did admit that my increased focus and energy may have been a placebo effect. Well, if it was a placebo effect, it worked for about six weeks. For the first two or three weeks immediately after the NAD+ treatment, I was “on fire” with a ton of energy and acute focus. In fact, after a few weeks I forgot about the treatment and was just used to more energy.

But all good things must come to an end

At about week 6, I noticed I again started to crave a Diet Coke around 3 p.m., which was my pre-NAD+ energy source. That’s when I realized the NAD+ may be wearing off, which was about when I was told would be time for a “booster.” According to Dan Lieberman, owner of Restore Hyper Wellness Hilton Head, “We deliver an initial loading dose of NAD+ therapy with four infusions over four consecutive days. This maximizes the benefits’ duration over a longer period of time. After that initial ‘loading,’ a follow-up regimen of just one infusion every 4-8 weeks works as a booster to maintain the benefits.”

Time for more research

I did a lot of Googling before my first NAD+ treatment (see LOCAL Life January 2021), but I didn’t stop there. After my treatment, it occurred to me that I had just allowed four bags of a clear liquid to be infused into my body. It happened to be the beginning of the year that coincided with my annual “health kick,” so I dug in a bit more. That was probably something I should have looked into before infusing, but I was debating the maintenance program and wanted to find out if there were other options to possibly avoid another IV.

[blockquote position=”right”]  For the first two or three weeks immediately after the NAD+ treatment, I was “on fire” with a ton of energy and acute focus.”[/blockquote]

I was relieved to find that NAD+ is a naturally occurring coenzyme of which our bodies produce less as we age. Ah ha — that is why we start to feel the effects of aging. IV infusions allow 100 percent of the coenzyme to enter our system. I did find out that there are NAD+ supplements, but the delivery of the NAD+ is not as intense, direct or immediately effective. The NAD+ drip also included a mix of intensifying ingredients such as vitamin B12, vitamin C and B-complex and glutathione so it delivers more bang for the buck, so to speak. With that new information and my desire for more energy again, I decided to go for the booster drip and start the maintenance program.

My booster experience

The booster IV drip experience was the same as my first treatment — it lasted about 45 minutes and was delivered in a clean and comfortable spa setting. As I write this, it’s only three days after the booster and I do feel that fire again. In addition to increased energy and improved focus, one of the other reported benefits of NAD+ is that it helps memory function. I hope I don’t forget to monitor that ;).

What’s next

I am a convert and will stick with the maintenance program. I can justify the expense as follows: 1. More energy = more effective, 2. More focus = more efficient, 3. No Diet Coke = save money and stomach. I really can justify anything.

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