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NAD+ therapy is not a one-hit wonder

Did the booster boost?

Story by Laurie Wells


Last month I reported surprising results after my first NAD+ therapy at Restore Hyper Wellness on Hilton Head, and I did admit that my increased focus and energy may have been a placebo effect. Well, if it was a placebo effect, it worked for about six weeks. For the first two or three weeks immediately after the NAD+ treatment, I was “on fire” with a ton of energy and acute focus. In fact, after a few weeks I forgot about the treatment and was just used to more energy.

But all good things must come to an end

At about week 6, I noticed I again started to crave a Diet Coke around 3 p.m., which was my pre-NAD+ energy source. That’s when I realized the NAD+ may be wearing off, which was about when I was told would be time for a “booster.” According to Dan Lieberman, owner of Restore Hyper Wellness Hilton Head, “We deliver an initial loading dose of NAD+ therapy with four infusions over four consecutive days. This maximizes the benefits’ duration over a longer period of time. After that initial ‘loading,’ a follow-up regimen of just one infusion every 4-8 weeks works as a booster to maintain the benefits.”

Time for more research

I did a lot of Googling before my first NAD+ treatment (see LOCAL Life January 2021), but I didn’t stop there. After my treatment, it occurred to me that I had just allowed four bags of a clear liquid to be infused into my body. It happened to be the beginning of the year that coincided with my annual “health kick,” so I dug in a bit more. That was probably something I should have looked into before infusing, but I was debating the maintenance program and wanted to find out if there were other options to possibly avoid another IV.

  For the first two or three weeks immediately after the NAD+ treatment, I was “on fire” with a ton of energy and acute focus.”

I was relieved to find that NAD+ is a naturally occurring coenzyme of which our bodies produce less as we age. Ah ha — that is why we start to feel the effects of aging. IV infusions allow 100 percent of the coenzyme to enter our system. I did find out that there are NAD+ supplements, but the delivery of the NAD+ is not as intense, direct or immediately effective. The NAD+ drip also included a mix of intensifying ingredients such as vitamin B12, vitamin C and B-complex and glutathione so it delivers more bang for the buck, so to speak. With that new information and my desire for more energy again, I decided to go for the booster drip and start the maintenance program.

My booster experience

The booster IV drip experience was the same as my first treatment — it lasted about 45 minutes and was delivered in a clean and comfortable spa setting. As I write this, it’s only three days after the booster and I do feel that fire again. In addition to increased energy and improved focus, one of the other reported benefits of NAD+ is that it helps memory function. I hope I don’t forget to monitor that ;).

What’s next

I am a convert and will stick with the maintenance program. I can justify the expense as follows: 1. More energy = more effective, 2. More focus = more efficient, 3. No Diet Coke = save money and stomach. I really can justify anything.