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Non-Profit Spotlight: The Bridge

The Bridge’s mission is to elevate the preschool learning experience and to change the dynamics of senior living by bringing the generations together in exploratory learning and revolutionary senior care.

Founder Susan Hebbel went on a cross country road trip by herself once her kids had all moved out. “I was trying to ‘find my purpose,’” she said. “I spent a half day in each major city that I visited, volunteering in a pre-determined nonprofit, and I did everything from work at a grassroots organization that put high efficiency light bulbs into low income housing, to handing out T-shirts for a women’s shelter race, to working in a soup kitchen, to working at a facility called Providence Mount St. Vincent in Seattle where they have a preschool inside of a nursing home….beautiful inspiration! Then, I added the music piece, because I have the privilege of knowing many Broadway actors and performing actors, singers and songwriters from all over the United States, and wanted to incorporate my love of music and my contacts because of what an important role I feel that music plays in all of our lives, and how it can dig up some really wonderful stories and feelings.”

Who it Helps
The Bridge provides senior citizens with a sense of purpose, fun, friendship and human interaction, which is sometimes limited in their lives once they arrive at an assisted living facility or they are away from their families. The artists are also “helped” in that they come outside of the hustle and bustle of auditioning and having to be something for someone else to hire them, and they remind themselves of why they got into music and performing in the first place. “I have had those very words written to me by at least two of our performing artists,” Hebbel said. “They told me that the week they spent with the senior citizens was one of the best they have ever had since they got into the business and that it reminded them of how powerful music can be and why they got into it in the first place. I love that!”

How to Help
Go to to make a donation or to contact The Bridge about volunteering or fundraising.

For more information on The Bridge
Call founder/director Susan Hebbel at 843-816-4070 or email [email protected].