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Nonprofit Spotlight: Real Champions Inc.


Real Champions Inc. is a 501(c)(3) organization with a simple objective: To end generational poverty, one child at a time. They do it by providing hope through a paid, full-time, professional mentor who enters the child’s life in kindergarten/first grade and remains until they reach high school graduation.


RCI was conceived and founded in 2017 by executive director Dr. Carl Martin and board chairman and Hilton Head Island resident Ned McNair. RCI mentors start in kindergarten or first grade and go deeper, focusing on all areas of growth a child needs to succeed, including academic success, personal resiliency and college/career readiness. RCI mentors also stay longer. While many organizations only operate within the school year, RCI mentors stay with the child year round, year after year, until they reach graduation. They don’t offer a program to these children; they offer a person to give them what any child deserves–hope for a brighter future.

Whom it Helps

Extensive academic research has shown that unless society’s most vulnerable children are given equal opportunity early in the developmental stage, the probability for success later in life is stunted. Without specialized, intentional support, they have little hope of escaping the same poverty their parents and grandparents have lived with. Real Champions, through professional advocate mentoring, endeavors to break that cycle. They hire and train full-time mentors who work with a cohort of eight children. These mentors spend 40 hours a week dedicated to breaking the cycle of poverty with a minimum of four hours a week devoted to each child, giving them the skills and emotional support to help them not just cope, but thrive.

How to Help

RCI has just launched its first site in the Lowcountry. Its principal needs are annual funding and volunteers to help support its cause. Donations are the lifeline of its mission. They have minimum administrative costs, with the vast majority of their budget dedicated to paying the full-time advocate mentors. The more mentors they can hire, the more children they can reach. It costs $6,250 to radically change one child’s life over the course of a year. Join the team and sponsor a child.

Visit or contact Dr. Carl Martin at [email protected] or by phone at 843-540-4023.