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Nonprofit Spotlight: South Carolina Boating and Fishing Alliance

Founded in 2021, The South Carolina Boating and Fishing Alliance is a 501(c)(6) comprised of South Carolina’s boating and fishing manufacturers, dealers, retailers, boaters and anglers.


To be a positive influence on the protection and growth of South Carolina’s boating and fishing industry through advocacy, education and stewardship. The alliance is focused on promoting boating and fishing interests through grassroots and legislative efforts, connecting the outdoor lifestyle to economic growth policies, and promoting workforce readiness and statewide industry promotion.


Boating and fishing are top recreational activities for South Carolinians, and our state has some of the most popular brands of boat and fishing tackle manufacturers in the world headquartered here. They have a $5 billion impact on our state and support 23,000 jobs. Organizers decided the time was right to work together with the governor, legislature and other policymakers to protect and expand these economic and natural resources, forming the SCBFA in 2021.

Whom it helps

Everyone who loves to ride in a boat or wet a hook. Our small state is in the top 10 states in the country for boat registration per capita. We have tremendous natural resources that we can’t take for granted. We want to protect public access to water while being good stewards of our resources. At the same time, our boating and fishing manufacturers are key economic drivers for the state. The SCBFA wants to keep it that way. 

How to help

SCBFA membership consists of boating and tackle manufacturers, dealers and tackle shops as well as people who just enjoy boating and fishing. Individual memberships are available. The SCBFA wants them to have a voice, too.

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