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Nonprofit Spotlight: The Wexford Foundation

Stephen Carter, Wexford Foundation chairman and Pam Toney, VIM executive director.


The Wexford Foundation is an all-volunteer, nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting local health, housing, hunger and educational charities with financial and volunteer resources.


Established in 2012, the Wexford Foundation is dedicated to reducing hunger and homelessness and providing access to healthcare and education through the power of collective giving and the generosity of the many caring and compassionate members of the Wexford community and local corporate sponsors. To date, the foundation has awarded over $1.6 million in financial grants in support of 39 local agencies that deliver services directly to those who need it most. By leveraging the talents and experience of the Wexford membership, the foundation has created a robust grant award and monitoring process that provides supporters with the assurance that their donations will be directed only to those charities that can demonstrate strong leadership with commitment to purpose and excellence in operational management. The foundation meets vital needs with targeted major-impact grants, annual sustaining grants and, in April 2020, emergency grants totaling $100,000 for desperately needed COVID-related funding in our community.

Wexford donors Kurt & Ann Grindstaff, Sandalwood founder, Nannette Pearson and Sharon Church, Wexford Grants Committee.

Whom it helps

The foundation provides funding for food, shelter, healthcare and education for children, young adults and seniors living and working in Hilton Head Island and other parts of Beaufort County. Through its support of a wide range of well-established agencies encompassing soup kitchens and food banks, subsidized early-childhood education programs, job skills and language training for adults, domestic and child abuse prevention, programs for children and adults with special needs, basic healthcare for uninsured and underinsured families and a host of other programs, the foundation touches the lives of thousands of our local neighbors in need each year. 

How to Help

Join local companies in sponsoring the Wexford Foundation’s work. Become a direct donor by cash, check or credit card, or in-kind items that can be monetized through our fundraising activities. Over 97 percent of every dollar raised goes to fund grants for program services.

More Information about The Wexford Foundation

Visit or email [email protected].