Not all glassware is created equal

What are you drinking? Enhance the experience with the proper glass design.

There are things in life that you’re just supposed to do: Hold the door for the person behind you, say please and thank you, and never drink wine from a beer glass (or vice versa). Many glasses were designed to complement your favorite beer or spirit.

Here are a dozen of the most popular.

Dimpled mug

The classic beer mug. This glass was invented to keep beer cold. These mugs are made thick for both durability and insulation.

Local flavor: Tropical Lager, Hilton Head Brewing Company

Tulip glass

Well known as the Belgian beer glass, the tulip has a rounded bottom with a flared lip. The shape and short stem of this glass inspire swirling and heighten every smell and taste.

Local flavor: Nana’s Puddin’, Salt Marsh Brewing Company

Stout glass

It’s all about the angles with this glass. Every edge is designed to retain heat and accentuate all the tastes that come from stout beers.

Local flavor: The Dark Stuff, Edmund’s Oast Brewing Co.

Pilsner glass

While tall and skinny, there is nothing frail about this glass. The widened top creates the perfect space for foam and locks in the flavor.

Local flavor: Low and Slow, Westbrook Brewing Company

IPA glass

The ridges carved into this glass make it interesting to hold and lovely to drink; the narrowed bottom and curvature release a bit of “hoppiness” with every tilt of your glass.

Local flavor: Operation Jackpot, River Dog Brewing Company

Goblet/chalice glass

The large bowl sits on top of a thick stem and encourages big gulps of heavy, dark beers.

Local flavor: Frozen Barrel, Southern Barrel Brewing Company

Champagne flute

Specifically designed to preserve the effervescence and beauty of champagne. Every bubble has a long journey to the top of these tall, stemmed glasses.

Local flavor: Lessini Durello sparkling wine (made in Verona, Italy; Hilton Head’s Sister City)

Margarita glass

Originally designed to mirror the shape of a sombrero, the margarita glass is the ultimate party drink garnished with a salt rim and served frozen or on the rocks.

Local flavor: South Carolina Blue Agave Silver, Red Bordner Distillery

Julep cup

Similar in function to a copper mug, the Julep cup is also a subzero container. This glass is made of silver and best served with crushed or shaven ice.

Local flavor: Mountain Peak Espresso Rum, Hilton Head Distillery

Copper mug

This beautifully crafted container transforms your drink from cold to colder. The copper casing disallows any heat to transfer from your hand, ensuring that you can enjoy a crisp and cool mule all night long.

Local flavor: Lowcountry Sweet Tea, Firefly

Rocks glass

As you may have guessed from the name, this glass is used to serve spirits over ice. It’s a lazy bartender’s dream!

Local flavor: Bulrush Gin


This balloon glass is meant to be held in the palm of your hand so as to transfer heat from your palm to the liquid inside. With the combination of a short pour and rounded bowl, the snifter encourages swirling and sniffing of bourbon, brandy or whiskey.

Local flavor: Ginger Infused Bourbon, Virgil Kaine

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