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October: Home Hacks

Steeped in heritage: Italian inspired appliances are among the best in the world

Story By Jeremy Press

Jeremy Press (aka the Appliance Whisperer) of Appliances by Design has agreed to provide home appliance tips and advice to LOCAL Life readers. Got a great home appliance tip? Contact him at [email protected]

The world of appliance design has completely changed over the past two decades.

More and more products are being made to match the décor of the home and integrate into its design. This can be seen with the emergence of bright colors highlighting the accents of the kitchen or panel options that can make an appliance seemingly disappear in the kitchen. The European influence — more specifically, the Italian influence — is dominant in modern design. Some up-and-coming brands carry the Italian influence while keeping all the features and power that is loved by American users. Here are three of the most popular and what makes them great.

Superiore Cucina 36 gas oven
Nestled in the heart of Gualtier, this manufacturer is right in the Motor Valley of Italy. Their design is inspired by both Ferrari cars and Ducati motorcycles. Their knobs have the appearance of gears for a vehicle and they offer the largest windows in their ovens to see everything, like through a windshield on a car. Different colors, bodies and handles allow you to customize the exact appearance you want for your kitchen. Available at Appliances by Design.

Bertazzoni 48 Dual Fuel Range
The most recognizable brand. They have been producing appliances for more than 100 years. Bertazzoni offers just about every appliance solution you can think of, from a regular range and microwave to full built-in solutions with steam oven and coffee makers. Bertazzoni also offers many color choices to allow your design inspiration to run wild and let your creativity carry through your kitchen. Available at Billy Wood Appliance and Appliances by Design.

Fulgor Milano Professional Series 600 36
Celebrating its 70th anniversary this year. This company has positioned itself as the Italian manufacturer that pushed its cooking performance more than anything. They started out making wood-burning stoves. Today, Fulgor offers clean Italian design with some of the strongest burners and ovens in the industry. Their style is a bit more rugged, but the clean lines throughout their product line allow you to have a great connection between form and functionality. Available at Appliances by Design.

Money talks!

Hurricane freezer tip
There’s a simple way to tell if your refrigerator loses power while you are away. All you need is a glass of water and a quarter.

1. Take a clear glass, fill it with water and put it in the freezer overnight to allow all the water to completely freeze.
2. Place a quarter flat on top of the ice and leave it in the freezer during the storm.

If you lose power, the ice will start to melt and the quarter will drop in the glass. After the power is back, the water in the glass will re-freeze. Look to see how far down the glass the quarter has fallen. If the quarter is more than halfway down the glass, you know everything in the freezer had defrosted at least 50 percent. This will help you determine after the storm what items should be thrown away. It also helps you estimate how long the power was out while you were away.