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Official Mensa® Challenge – April 2024

American Mensa is where brilliance belongs – it’s where friendships are forged for life, business connections and opportunities are made, and where brilliant minds find the chance to engage with others in an intellectually stimulating environment.

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1. Arrange the 9 matchsticks below to make ten.

9 Matchsticks

2. The enemy camp had been observed, the message was written and encoded, but the spy was caught. The enemy had to let him go when they could not decipher the innocent message he was carrying. It really is not a difficult code – can you read the message?

AL: The trucks arrive, Charles knows when every day.

Do answer when necessary.

3. For each of the following groups of words, there is one word that will make each of them into either a new word or a related idea. There is a different word for each group.

BOAT MAID DOG ___________?

LIGHT STRONG LINE ___________?

FALL STEP CLUB ___________?

4. What is the 4-digit number where the last digit is 5 times the first digit, the second digit is the first digit subtracted from the third digit, and the fourth digit is the sum of the first and the second digits.

5. The interior decorator was fascinated with the lovely 12-foot ceilings in the apartment he was decorating. He found just the right wall fixture for far up the wall. Unfortunately, the carpenter’s assistant transcribed the instructions over the phone and reversed feet to inches and inches to feet. The decorator got a fixture on the wall only 30% of the height he wanted. What did he want and what did he get?



Ten arranged from 9 match sticks - Mensa Quiz

2. Take the first letter of each word. The message reads: ATTACK WED DAWN.


4. 1,455

5. He wanted the light fixture 9 feet 2 inches from the floor. What he actually got was a wall figure only 2 feet 9 inches up.

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