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Official Mensa® Challenge – August 2020

Are you ready for Mensa?

American Mensa is where brilliance belongs – it’s where friendships are forged for life, business connections and opportunities are made, and where brilliant minds find the chance to engage with others in an intellectually stimulating environment.

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Quiz © 2018 Dr. Abbie F. Salny

1. An odd question is coiled in the grid below. To spell it out, start with the “A” in the upper right corner and move to an adjacent letter in any direction. All the letters will be used exactly once. Hint: The enumeration is (3 1 4 6 3 1 3 6 9 ?).

2. Mica and Jordan are trekking through the Grand Canyon. Mica can only walk at a rate of 1.5 MPH uphill and 2 MPH downhill because she has a pulled hamstring. Their first few days are all an uphill climb, then they turn back and it’s all downhill. It takes them five hours longer to go up than it does to come down. How far was the summit from their starting point?

3. What is the word coiled inside the circle?

4. Pat organized a party for her mother-in-law. She invited her mother-in-law’s only daughter’s only daughter’s husband’s only son.

What relation is he to Pat?

5. There are four sets of three-digit numbers (no digits the same) that add up to 459. One is shown below. Can you find the other three? (Transposing top and bottom lines are not allowed.)

+283    ?   ?   ?


  1. Are a slim chance and a fat chance identical?
  2. 30 miles. 20 hours up and 15 hours down
  4. Her great nephew. (Her mother-in-law’s only daughter’s only daughter is Pat’s niece. The niece’s husband’s son is Pat’s great nephew.)
  5. 183 + 276 = 459, 186 + 273 = 459, 173 + 286 = 459