Official Mensa® Challenge – June 2023

American Mensa is where brilliance belongs – it’s where friendships are forged for life, business connections and opportunities are made, and where brilliant minds find the chance to engage with others in an intellectually stimulating environment.

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1. Ellie is 33 years old today. This is three times as old as Sophie when Ellie was as old as Sophie is now. How old is Sophie?

2. An imaginary quote from Napoleon is coiled in the grid below. To spell it out, start with an “I” and move to an adjacent letter in any direction. Two letters will not be used. All the others will be used exactly one. Hing: The enumeration is (1’1  5  2  6  8  5).


3. Four words with “age” in them fit the definitions below. All words are at least six letters long.

a) The safekeeping of goods.

b) Wild

c) Slaughter

d) A vehicle

4. Find the word that fits the definitions below when it’s 1) a whole word and 2) divided into two words.

1) Whole word: pitch pattern of a speaker’s words (10 letters)

2) Two words: a. wild about (4 letters) b. country, land (6 letters)

5. Find a six-digit number in which the first digit is twice the second, the third digit is one less than the first, the fourth digit is four less than the fifth and the last digit is three more than the first and five more than the second. The sum of all the digits is 22.


  1. 22 (Eleven years ago, she was 11.)
  2. I’m going to invent elevator shoes.
  3. a) storage b) savage c) carnage d) carriage
  4. 1) intonation 2a) into 2b) nation
  5. 423,157

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