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Official Mensa® Challenge – March 2020

Are you feeling the luck of the Irish? You’ll need it.

American Mensa is where brilliance belongs – it’s where friendships are forged for life, business connections and opportunities are made, and where brilliant minds find the chance to engage with others in an intellectually stimulating environment. Just for LocalLife readers: Take the Mensa Practice Test for just $5! Visit and use offer code: Local20. Quiz © 2018 Dr. Abbie F. Salny

Mensa provides official tests and answers to LOCAL Life as part of an exclusive license agreement.


1. What set of numbers would come next in the following set?

30  20  29  21  28  22  27  23  26 24  ?  ?

  1. 25 25
  2. 25 26
  3. 25 24
  4. 28 25


2. What does the following figure represent?


3. Fill in each blank with the word that has the same meaning as the words on either side but is pronounced differently in each definition.

time segment ______________ very small

rip ______________ body fluid

subject matter ______________ satisfied


4. If a painter can paint one portrait in ten hours, how many painters would it take to do ten portraits in five hours?


5. A sad truism is coiled in the grid below. To spell it out, start with one letter and move to an adjacent letter in any direction. (Hint: Start with an “E”.)


  1. 25 25 “Two series, the first is 30, 29, 28…; the second is 20, 21, 22…”
  2. track meet
  3. minute, tear, content
  4. It can’t be done. If one portrait takes ten hours, no number of painters can do one in five hours
  5. Experience is what you get after you need it.