On the Job

For H2 Builders’ Gus Hetzel, this jaw-dropping Palmetto Bluff home is anything but another day at the office.

Story by Barry Kaufman + Photography by Rob Kaufman

To anyone who has ever said you should never take your work home with you, we present the following elegant Palmetto Bluff home as a stunning counterpoint. Built by H2 Builders, this is the latest in a string of homes built for the firm’s Executive VP of Sales, Gus Hetzel, to live in with his family. There’s walking the walk, there’s talking the talk, and then there’s what Hetzel does: living in a perfect example of the quality construction that has made H2 famous.

“We do this every two to three years,” said Hetzel. “And each time, we up the ante a little bit.”

Upping the ante meant finding a gorgeous lot in Palmetto Bluff’s South Wilson district, one situated around mesmerizing water views, and then building every inch with an eye on that scenery. From the comfortable surroundings of the screened-in porch or from the windows of the great room or kitchen, one can enjoy a panoramic view of the South Wilson bridge and water trail, imbuing a true sense of space to a property that exemplifies Lowcountry living.

Every detail that this area’s luxury homes are known for is presented with exquisite craftsmanship, from shiplap accent walls to variable-width reclaimed flooring. And in these details, we see the utmost dedication to creating a masterpiece. The reclaimed flooring, as an example, comes directly from the barns of Amish country, with hand-sawed lines and varying materials oozing authenticity.

Dutch Treat • The reclaimed flooring used in this home comes directly from the barns of Amish country, with hand-sawed lines and varying materials oozing authenticity.
Wide open spaces • The open concept allows unimpeded water views throughout the great room, dining room and open kitchen.

“There are literally places in my house where there’s still red paint on the floor,” said Hetzel. “We did a similar floor for another client and just fell in love with it.”

Prime location • The home’s location on sought after Hardaway Street is near all of the world class amenities offered in Palmetto Bluff including the Montage Inn; Inland Waterway with community dock; and two beautiful May River waterfront parks.

Even as it revels in Lowcountry luxe, uniquely modern finishes and ideas find their way into the décor here and there, elevating Lowcountry traditions to another level.

“We wanted something a little different from our typical Lowcountry home, but we also didn’t want to take that too far,” said Hetzel. “So, we incorporated a few contemporary and industrial type finishes with regard to plumbing and lighting style and finishes and utilized some modern touches with interior trim details.”

Another modern touch was the open concept living space, which allows unimpeded water views throughout a great room, dining room and open kitchen that allows the family plenty of space to come together.

“We just love that concept where it’s all open,” said Hetzel, drawing a large circle on a set of copied blueprints around the living and dining areas, “because this is where you live.”

Placing equal importance on opulence and comfort has created the utmost in comfort throughout the home’s four bedrooms (although one, occupied by Hetzel’s son, is referred to as a bunkroom). Particularly in the master suite, where reclaimed flooring runs through spacious accommodations incorporating an en suite that would rival any spa in the area. After all, you need a place to unwind after a day at the office. Even if that day at the office includes an evening with family amid a picture-perfect example of your company’s expertise as luxury home builders.

“We love doing this,” said Hetzel. “My wife and I get to live in a great H2 home for a couple years and then do it again; that’s a builder’s dream.”

Builder: H2 Builders .  Architect: Tom Hiatt .  Roofing: Ameripro
Building supplies: Grayco   Plumbing fixtures: Cregger Company
Countertops: Distinctive Granite & Marble   Backsplash/Carpet/Tile: Floor Fashions  Hardwood: Timberstone   Cabinets and flooring: H2 Builders
Glass and shelving: Low Country Shelving   Stairs and railings: Staircrafters, Inc.

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