Organized is the new black

Find inspiration in these space-saving projects completed by Signature Closets of the Low country

There are buzzwords and trends that pop up in home design and are just as quickly relegated to the dustbin of history within a season. Deep shag carpet once ruled the world, but now wall-to-wall shag and berber carpet is history. Cabinetry to house 40-inch deep TVs evaporated once the flat-screen was invented. And ask you grandparents about floral ceiling designs to match the draperies. Yes, that was once a thing.

Now we’re cooking • These cabinets were refaced and customized to fit the lifestyle of the owner, who is an avid baker. Custom cabinets are highly coveted because they are built to fit your lifestyle, design preferences, cooking habits, storage inclinations, and uniquely shaped kitchens.

But as trends come and go, there is one constant in the world of home design that has not only endured but is enjoying renewed popularity. It’s organization. A place for  everything and everything in its place is still relevant. We spend too much time looking for things. Home organization specialists like Marie Konda have made organization hot again.

Clutter-free • An organized pantry saves time. It’s that simple. Never lose your favorite spice blend behind your boxes of cereal again.

“Homeowners need flexible ways to add space without requiring any major construction,” said Nancy Schmitz of Signature Closets of the Low Country. “You can check off boxes on your wish list and be surprised by how much can fit in spaces when they are creatively designed.”

Utilize mixed use spaces

Open floor plans still reign supreme. Families want to utilize these mixed use spaces to compliment their entertaining styles and hobbies. People want to work from home and still keep things organized. Schmitz see specialized zones within these rooms, allowing a variety of tasks to be performed while keeping clutter to a minimum.

Storage is always in style

Think butler pantries to keep kitchen counters clear, hide small appliances and keep dirty dishes out of site. Beverage centers keep the drinks flowing during a party without causing congestions around food preparation. Counter or bar space is great to check emails, do homework or hang with friends while cooking.

“So much is happening in these shared spaces,” said Schmitz. As such, keeping them squared away is crucial.

[blockquote position=”right”]Homeowners need flexible ways to add space without requiring any major construction,”[/blockquote]

Let’s be honest. Beautiful and functional storage will never go out of style. Good design encourages personalization and makes your space work for you. Everyone is looking for something to showcase their personal style and add some punch to utilitarian tasks.

Open shelving is a new design element that blends well with existing cabinetry while saying, “look at me.” Floating shelves feel lighter while displaying favorite collections.

Furthermore, mudrooms are seeing their day in the sun. They are an important catch-all for things like keys, coats, shoes and tennis rackets.

The possibilities are endless — wine storage, extra pantry space, a shower for a dog, laundry. and cubbies for each member of your family. “Mom, where is my …”

Customize your closets

When it comes to the beauty of organization, few rooms in the house hold a candle to the custom closet. This is, after all, the one room whose entire raison d’etre is organization. Previously a purely utilitarian space, it has emerged as a hotspot for the chic side of tidiness.

“Closets are exploding,” Schmitz said. “They’re no longer a rod and wire rack; homeowners expect upscale storage options.” Her husband, Frank, was on the leading edge of the great 1980s wave of customized closets that began in California, working among industry pioneers as they changed the way we think about storage.

THINK SMALL • Get creative with small space storage, such as a dresser in a closet.

With bedroom trends calling for calm, a place to relax and restore without the reminders of the day’s troubles, finding space in closets for drawers to eliminate the need for bulky dressers is setting the mood. Space for jewelry, sunglasses, purses and seasonal storage is key. Cubbies, glass doors, valet bars, laundry hampers and shoe displays add function and style while keeping everything at your fingertips.

Cut out the middle men

“At Signature Closets of the Low Country, because we manufacture locally, we can offer truly personalized storage solutions that are not defined by certain metrics or modular sizes that companies who order from middle men are limited to,” Schmitz said. “And because we don’t incur additional mark-ups and shipping costs, we can offer wholesale pricing to everyone. We offer any wood species, stain, Pantone color, glaze or veneer. Anything you can imagine, we can create.”

More is more, it’s that simple.

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