Our natural beauty

Story + Photograpy by Arno Dimmling

Residents and visitors alike are so fortunate to be surrounded by an abundance of beauty and wildlife here in the Lowcountry. At any point in time we are likely to encounter an interesting scene involving some form of wildlife — be it birds, dolphins, deer, insects, reptiles or other critters. One only needs to point his or her camera, cell phone or other device in their direction to capture truly beautiful images and fond memories to bring home.

The great blue heron is the largest heron in North America, with a wingspan up to 79 inches.
An anhinga has a snack.
A fawn rests.
A killdeer scurries along the shoreline.
A grebe chick gets some shut-eye.
An alligator eyes a photographer dinner.
A muscovy duck goes for a swim.
A great blue heron enjoys a bullfrog delight.
A wood stork flexes for the camera.
A snowy egret searches for food.
A cedar waxwing strikes a pose.