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Painted Love

Pets have long been a source of inspiration and used as a metaphor for artists.

Pet art dates all the way back to the first cave paintings. Many artists have used our furry friends to evoke sentimental feelings and reflect on human nature. We collected a few positively pawsome pieces from local artists and galleries.

Lily by Glenn Harrington (Red Piano)
Joey by Addison Palmer (Red Piano)

Dublin Dogs by Glenn Harrington (Red Piano)
Old Grey Mare by Louanne LaRoche (Camellia Art)

The Secret by Mira Scott



i hear they mate for life

call out to lovers and friends

mark territory in rainforest colors

glowing teal wings

burning orange chests

a deep black beak-hook shares

dinner with the wife, or grooms

her pesky displaced feathers

imagine the shock, ripped

from this community of lovers

to an undersized crate marked



cramped miniscularity

compels its song — a scream

to that lost companion

poachers left behind

— Elizabeth Robin