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LOCAL Life #PartingShot

We are accepting photos taken by amateur photographers only. You are an amateur photographer if you do not and have not received payment for your photography.

Before submitting, please make sure your photo qualifies as follows:

  1. Taken in Beaufort County.
  2. You can submit a high-resolution photo.
  3. By submitting, you provide LOCAL Life the right to use the photo in print, social, digital and any other form.
  4. Your name will appear with the photo, the date and location taken.
  5. Photos must be previously unpublished.
  6. Photos will be selected by the LOCAL Life design team.
  7. LOCAL Life employees and direct family members are not permitted to submit their photos.

Your photo may or may not be selected for #PartingShot. The LOCAL Life design team will select the photos used and you will be notified if chosen.

January 2020

Pretty Fly

“Getting up close to bird life in the marsh is simple with a small boat or kayak, and a good zoom lens is always helpful.” – Chase Sanders, Clemson ’20

February 2020

Lowcountry Zen

“An out-of-town guest and I took one of the horse-drawn carriage rides around historic Beaufort. I saw this scene as we rounded a corner and asked the driver to stop so I could capture the moment. I love the leading lines, and to me this scene is quintessential Lowcountry.” – Rebecca Bass, Beaufort

March 2020

Natural Design

“It reminds me of my first time in the Lowcountry, seeing the beautiful oak trees and Spanish moss and falling in love with this area.” – Rachael Acquaviva, Hilton Head Island

April 2020

Calm after the Storm

“I was entranced by the beautiful color spreading across the horizon. It was truly a Mother Nature moment.” – Kendra Natter, Hilton Head Island

May 2020

The Silent Sentinel of Skull Creek

“I like the tight cropping, but mostly the eye of the hunter.” -Greg Geelhood, Hilton Head Island

June 2020

Good Mornings

“Every sunrise is special on our little island. Watching it from the beach sets the tone for a better, brighter day!” – Madeline Cox, Hilton Head Island

July 2020

First Swim

“This little one had a real struggle getting down to the water because the nest was quite far up on the beach. By the time it got to the waterline, there was quite a crowd of people cheering it on. It was really a thrill watching it get swept up after several tries, and then disappear into the sea!” – Suzi Huisman, Hilton Head Island

August 2020

Three Little Birds

“One morning I spotted this fishing trio that was working together as a team instead of competing with each other. It was amazing to watch their coordinated efforts, and having a zoom lens allowed me to get a close-up of their beautiful flowing white plumage.” – Carol Tunnicliffe, Hilton Head Island

September 2020

Days Gone By

“My love for Hunting Island goes generations back. I have photos of my late grandmother enjoying the island back in the 1950s. It continued to be a special place for her until she could no longer go. I got this picture from the vanishing distal end, near Fripp Inlet. I love how the fallen trees look magical but also sad as they turn into driftwood.” -Renee Pritchard, Beaufort

October 2020

The Haunted Chapel

“I was working a construction project on Lady’s Island and visited the chapel during my lunch break. I photographed several angles of the chapel, and while walking back to my truck I got this shot. It captures the mood of the place with the huge oaks, Spanish moss and just enough of the chapel itself.” – Randy Rogers

November 2020

Gone Fishin’

“As a lover of nature photography, I’m out most Saturdays bright and early.
In this case, the early bird caught more than the worm!” – Lucy Rosen, Bluffton

December 2020

Rooted in Tradition

“To me, this photo captured the amazing tranquility, beauty and quality of life here in the Lowcountry. The picture embodies the unique scenery and ecology that make the Lowcountry such a special place to call home.” – Chris Signore, Bluffton

January 2021

No shrimping today

“This was taken off Trask Parkway, near Seabrook. Alas, the boat is now capsized.” – Jeff Coyle, Beaufort

February 2021

Fill the bill

“I stepped down in a hole by a rice trunk and set the camera on the top rail. I had to lie down, so I was almost eye-level with them. I could not believe how close they came to me. It was a magical moment.” -Sophia Schade, Bluffton

March 2021

Field Days

Photographer Julian Dimock (1873-1945) traveled to Hilton Head Island in 1904 to capture these farming images for his famed collection of 3,400 photographs on glass. He donated the negatives to the American Museum of Natural History in 1920. Learn and see more at

April 2021

The Elder Statesman

Hidden on the corner of Squire Pope Road and U.S. 278, next to Lam’s Tailors & Expert Alterations, sits one of the most sprawling and intact live oak trees you will ever see. This unnamed and mostly unknown local treasure could be more than 450 years old, rivaling Charleston’s famous Angel Oak in age. -Sarah Orie, Hilton Head Island

May 2021

Fish out of water

“I took this picture off my back deck in Sea Pines during the fall migration. I really like how the light is reflecting off the fish scales, creating an almost translucent look.” – Brian Allman, Hilton Head Island

June 2021

Kings of the Road

“Gone are the days when these colorful roadside behemoths all vied for our attention as we raced from one vacation hot spot to the next. These and other lovely specimens buzz and chatter at the American Sign Museum in Cincinnati, Ohio.” -Charles Grace, Hilton Head Island

July 2021

Fire in the sky

“Our family loves Hilton Head Island, and much of our time there is spent around Ocean Oak Resort. While any time of day on the island is beautiful, sunrises on Hilton Head are definitely worth waking up for. ” -Sarah Williams; Richmond, Virginia

August 2021

Reunited, and it feels so good

The owners of these adorable gals met at Burkes Beach on Thanksgiving Day 2019. After speaking, they realized that they had adopted siblings of the same litter from the Hilton Head Humane Association. Today, the Thompsons and Arrizons remain close friends, while Lola and Zoey are inseparable during their regularly scheduled play dates. -Owners David & Tiffany Thompson (Zoey) and Alex & Jenn Arrizon (Lola)

September 2021

Great blue heaven

“I was able to walk up slowly to within 15 feet and just waited for him to take off. He seemed so confident and relaxed, and with a few graceful flaps of the huge wings, he took off and was gone. A very special and magical moment for me!” – Blake Robinson, Hilton Head Island

October 2021

Go with the flow

“I have always been inspired by the colors and textures of the Hilton Head beaches. The tide pools that form at the end of the island are the perfect expression of that beauty.” – Holly Pobis, Daufuskie Island

November 2021

Seas the day

“It is one of my favorites because I believe it represents a true portrait of a classic Southern shrimp trawler with just a wisp of diesel exhaust from the resting engine. Ironically, a natural and graceful arch of scavenging gulls frame the portrait in a beautiful way.” – David Howard, Hilton Head Island

December 2021

Heart of oak

“Due to the position of the tree at the edge of the marsh, I was able to capture the full structure, from the exposed base to the twisted, growing branches. The biggest challenge was holding back the surrounding palmetto branches while getting the proper distance to capture and frame the vision.” -David Miller, Palmetto Bluff

January 2022

Reach for the stars

“Here are the Running Man Nebula (top) and the Great Orion Nebula (bottom), a 24 light-years wide region of massive star formation. I used a TMB 92mm refractor telescope and Canon 5D II DSLR camera. A tracking mount was used along with a guide camera to keep the subject framed for 72 long exposures of three minutes each, which were then stacked and processed as one data-rich image. Follow me on Instagram @reidmccallphoto.” -Reid McCall, Mount Pleasant

February 2022

Heron now

“A great blue heron graced us with its presence by visiting the beach a few moments after sunset. The pink and the turquoise sky was acting as a perfect backdrop to show off this heron’s talents.” – Debora Garella, Hilton Head Island

March 2022

Ride off into your sunset

“My young adult son pleaded with me to drop everything and rush to see the sunset and full moon rising. The colors and cloud formations were sensational, especially how the clouds made the shape of the sun and its beautiful rays.” – Carol Bartholomew, Hilton Head Island

April 2022

You got to hold on

“I loved the way this otter held onto the tree branch while giving me this great pose.” – J. Lanning Smith, Sun City

May 2022

Don’t worry, bee happy

“I love the sharp focus and contrasting colors of the bumblebee and the purple coneflower.” Everett Denning, Sun City

June 2022

Always chasing rainbows

“This rainbow appeared during a quick summer shower. It was a beautiful mixture of sun, clouds and color.” Carolyn Branson, Bluffton

July 2022

Fly like an eagle

“I was a little concerned that the bald eagles I had photographed last summer wouldn’t return to the beach this year, as the trees their nests were in had been taken down. But there he (or she) was — at low tide, mid-morning, feasting on a freshly caught fish as jealous crows congregated nearby.” -Steve Edelstein, Hilton Head Island

August 2022

Tickled pink

“I like the colors, the eye and how the wings are slightly open. It is just a beautiful bird. We are fortunate to have roseate spoonbills now coming this far north. I used to have to go to Florida to find them.” -Bill Bosley, Hilton Head Island

September 2022

Whatever floats your boat

“I love the rustic look of this scene. It has a quiet, yet eerie feel to it — almost like there is a story waiting to be told.” -Scott Hansen, Beaufort