Room of the Month: Elevating an open concept

This living area was designed with comfort and uniqueness in mind. 

Story by Maddie Bane + Photography by Anne

The copious amounts of natural light that flood into the room make each color stand out even bolder and brighter.

With an open concept and a blank canvas with which to work, the possibilities of how to differentiate the spaces within this room were endless. Designer Kelly Caron of Kelly Caron Designs brought her clients’ vision to life by making sure that comfort and uniqueness were present through textures, patterns, color and other elements. 

Houses in the Lowcountry are usually designed to be more quiet and subdued, but the contrast of the blue, orange, white and gold colors helps make this room and the spaces within it feel lively and cohesive, yet separate. 

“I love the natural white and that the home is so open. There are unique spaces within the openness, and with the wrap-around windows, it still feels so Lowcountry,” says Caron. 

The cabinetry in the kitchen was color matched and carried around the trim and buttboard. The buttboard itself is a distinctive feature, especially installed vertically, a more difficult task for the contractor. The touches of gold throughout act as an anchor, starting in the kitchen and effortlessly making their way into the dining room. Pops of blue from the ginger jars and Hermes blanket mixed in with the orange table accessories bring a fun yet sophisticated feel to the room.

The color and texture on the base of the lamps stand out against the white wall while continuing to maintain a crisp and clean feel.

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