Kitchen Inspiration - Modern but warm and traditional

Room of the month: From vision to reality

Warmth and elegance converge in this Palmetto Bluff kitchen.

Photography by Kelli Boyd

“Create a space that is a warm, inviting haven for gathering with family and friends.” This was the mission bestowed upon the Court Atkins Group by the homeowner of this picturesque enclave in Palmetto Bluff.

In response, the Court Atkins team chose a soothing organic color palette. The room’s charm was enhanced with opulent textures and materials that were both simple and sumptuous.

The team stayed true to the homeowner’s directive. Here a natural warmth exudes from the rich white oak cabinetry. These cabinets’ grain patterns and soft hues lend an inviting aura to the room.

Adding to the kitchen’s character, reclaimed beams and a striking plaster hood were introduced, adding a palpable sense of age and history. These elements ensure that no aspect of the room appears too pristine or fragile, fostering an atmosphere where every meal and every conversation carry a sense of significance.

At the center of it all stands the kitchen island, its waterfall edges offering multiple vantage points from which to admire the stone’s natural artistry. Whether preparing a meal or simply savoring a cup of coffee, the island becomes a focal point for shared experiences.

This kitchen is a warm and elegant haven, fulfilling the homeowner’s vision of a place where family and friends are drawn together, time and time again.

Elegant and warm toned Kitchen remodel
The reclaimed beams in this Palmetto Bluff kitchen add character and history, serving as a defining element in the space. Their presence is more than aesthetic; it’s a tribute to sustainability and craftsmanship. The repurposed beams lend strength and soul to the kitchen’s design.

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