Room of the Month: Made in the shade

Make your window shades work for your space, design aesthetic and sustainable lifestyle. 

Story by Edward Coffey

This kitchen is stunning, but what really ties it all together might surprise you. Hint, it’s the window coverings. 

Created from natural, eco-friendly materials such as rattan reeds, jute, natural woods and a variety of grasses, woven wood shades from Budget Blinds impart a craftsman-like, ethnic vibe to a room that inspires comfort. Woven wood shades, like the ones in this gorgeous kitchen, are made from 100 percent organic materials, making them environmentally friendly window treatments and completely recyclable. 

Not only are they perfect for the environmentalist, but they also bring in elements of nature into the room. Combined with the other natural pieces such as the barstools and chairs, wooden canisters, baskets and flower arrangements, the natural woven wood shades, also known as blinds, tie the entire room together. Woven wood shades are ideal for rooms furnished with rich wood, including wood flooring. While they are available in a wide range of colors and hues, these shades featuring lighter tones are perfect for complementing rooms with white, bright or neutral furniture.

Let there be light…or not “Woven shades are versatile products that can be used in a lot of different rooms and applications. Materials have changed over the years to include more woven natural fibers that give more color options and textures. They can be done with room-darkening or light-filtering liners depending on the amount of light control needed. There are even vertical woven shade applications that can be used to tie windows and sliding doors together.”  – Bob Engler, Budget Blinds

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