High Tech Living Room

Room of the Month: Orchestrated elegance

The great room of this Colleton River home masterfully harmonizes high-fidelity acoustics with an impressive display of visual artistry.

Story by Sheila Paz + Photography by Eddie Tucker

Crafting the quintessential entertainment haven that epitomizes contemporary flair and cultural refinement is akin to composing an intricate symphony. It’s an environment conceived for convivial gatherings and sophisticated amusement, where aesthetic allure corresponds with functional elegance — a concept zealously pursued by these Colleton River homeowners.

Curt Hubner of Advanced Integrated Controls reflects on the moment of clarity for the homeowners: “They were torn between aesthetics and performance until they beheld the exquisite Waterfall speakers on display. The visual and artistic allure of these speakers unveiled the seamless marriage of art and technology, instantly captivating them.”

The transformation of the great room into an intimate cinephile’s paradise is the result of the thoughtful integration of artistically minded technology. The homeowner revels in the pure, unadulterated sound of the Waterfall speakers sans visual distractions, enjoys televised content with excellent sound quality or opts for a full cinematic immersion by deploying the hidden screen, all within this versatile and opulent domain.

Waterfall speakers
The room is outfitted with the pinnacle of modern technology, discreetly housing a Sony laser projector and a motorized 4K projector screen, all controlled through the Elan/Nice system. The Waterfall speakers blend cutting-edge technology with aesthetic elegance, delivering both stunning sound and visual appeal in perfect harmony.

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