Room of the month: Romancing the stone

As this Palmetto Bluff patio proves, sandstone never goes out of style.

Photos by Blake Crosby Photography

When it comes to outdoor spaces, many homeowners seek materials that are durable, low maintenance and classic. 

“Most people don’t renovate their porches,” said Lisa Bakke of Savannah Surfaces. “They pick something that will stand the test of time.” 

For this new build in Palmetto Bluff, the Savannah Surfaces Exteriors team created a timeless patio floor using natural sterling sandstone. The beautiful soft tones of gray, the natural texture and the rugged look of the rock create a floor almost as stunning as the patio’s incredible view.

It’s durable, eco-friendly and blends with everything, making it a great flooring choice for Lowcountry patios, porches and more.

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